New York Adventure- Day Three

The next day I slept til 9– actually only 7 AM Idaho time, but it still felt like sleeping in to me. I was hoping to be able to arrange a meeting with my agent that morning, but wasn’t sure when she’d be free, so I decided to get packed up so I’d have the flexibility to meet with her whenever she was able.

She turned out to be in a meeting. As I waited to hear from her, I decided to head out for a little more shopping. The previous day I’d spotted good quality Hanes ‘I Love New York’ t-shirts — 7 for $10 — and I wanted to get a few. I also wanted to explore the area around my hotel a little more.

Just a block away from the hotel there was a fire station. So that explained the frequent sirens I’d heard while at the hotel. On the big front door there was a mural honoring 21 men from the station who lost their lives on 9-11. I’d already come to realize that 9-11 is much fresher to New Yorkers than it is to people who live further away. Kate actually saw the second plane hit, in real life, as she was dropping a child off at school, and both she and Chris talked about still being unnerved any time they hear the sound of multiple sirens in the city. Photographing that mural at the fire station, I was somber, and suddenly wished I had flowers to lay down.

Midtown Fire Station

When the big doors slid open to let a firetruck leave the station, sirens screaming, I saw firefighters on the truck waving in my direction. I looked over and realized a little boy was standing near me, waving in awe. His parents were smiling and waving too. Suddenly I was waving too. At heroes.

I walked on, away from the wail of the siren, but still surrounded by the clatter and hum that endlessly fills a big city. A few minutes later I checked my phone, to discover that amid the noise I’d missed a call from my agent. She said she’d be back at the office in 20 minutes, and was free for half an hour. I headed in the direction of her office, just a few blocks from where I was staying. On impulse I grabbed her a bouquet of flowers across the street from her building. One thing that I do love about New York is the way you can find almost anything you need within a few blocks of wherever you happen to be.

Angela was charming and welcoming in person, as was her coworker. We only had 20 minutes or so to chat, but it was really fun to put a face with the name. She’s the person who believed in my books when they were barely more than ideas in my head, so I really appreciate her.

After our meeting, I checked out of my hotel, but left my bags in storage there for the afternoon. Lunch was a truly superb slice of BBQ chicken pizza (8th Avenue and 47th Street). After lunch I took a cab, met Brooke from Bullfrog and Baum back at the office that houses all the big magazines, and went to a meeting. We’ll see what comes of that.

Afterwards I was perturbed that I’d forgotten to change out of my my walking shoes into my cute heels for the meeting. Because, you know, the success or failure of a business meeting depends squarely on shoe choice. 😛 After the meeting, Brooke walked my through Bryant Park — lovely, lovely — and then she had to get back to work. She pointed me in the direction of my hotel, and I strolled on back. It was a completely perfect day for walking, and I was sad that I had such a short time left in the city.

Bryant Park

A bit more shopping, including the all-important purchase of a dozen authentic New York bagels to take home, and it was time to head back to my hotel to collect my bags. The cab ride to the airport was interesting—the driver took us through Central Park, which I hadn’t seen before. It is just huge—took 10 minutes to drive through — and is truly an oasis in the city. At 4 PM it was swarming with people and had a really family friendly vibe. Playgrounds with screaming children, horse-drawn carriages, kids walking in soccer uniforms, people jogging, people sitting on benches, everyone just enjoying the lovely weather. At least half a dozen people told me that I’d completely lucked out as far as weather on my trip. It was sunny and in the 60’s all three days I was there.

Central Park

The cab driver was a friendly fellow from the Ivory Coast of Africa, and we had a nice chat. He’s the one who told me the housing prices I mentioned earlier to you. An interesting thing about the cabs— all the ones I rode in were equipped with GPS, so you can see a map of where you’re going while also watching the fare escalate to alarming amounts. Another things cabs have these days are those credit card swipe thingies. I’m guessing that a fair number of you reading this are saying, “Yeah, so?” But to me it was news.

Every single cab driver I rode with was quite aggressive, just as aggressive as what I’ve experienced in Ethiopia, though in Ethiopia there is more horn honking. The driver that took me to the airport at one point violently slammed on his brakes so hard that my face almost hit the front seat and all my packages hit the floor. He muttered about someone stopping in front of him. I contemplated putting my seat belt on at the point, but decided that would show a lack of faith.

Once safely at the airport –whew! — I shuffled my bags around to fit my bagels into my carry-on. My cheapo $4 bag was full by then. I checked it for $20– grr– and sincerely hoped it would hold together til I got home. Once in the waiting area, I heard that the flight headed for Chicago an hour ahead of ours was delayed due to weather. Ugh. I hoped it would resolve in time for my flight, since I had barely an hour in Chicago to make my connection.

No such luck.

My flight finally took off an hour and a half late. I fervently hoped my flight to Boise would be delayed as well. The flight attendant on the plane called ahead and found out that yes- it had been delayed til 8:45 PM. I got off plane in Chicago at 8:35. Ran 12 gates, just in time to board 4th to last. Hooray!

I arrived in Boise a little after midnight, into the arms of a hubby who was extremely glad to see me. Next morning this kids greeted me equally gladly. What a trip. What an adventure!


  1. It all sounds so great! You know, you were expecting us to be surprised by the credit machines in the taxies, but I was surprised about your lack of seatbelt! I forget that our (WA) seatbelt laws aren’t universal 🙂

  2. Isn’t that silly of me? I always wear them in my own vehicle, but have no idea why I tend to skip belts in cabs. And to tell the truth, I don’t know New York laws…

  3. how lovely…what a terrific trip. and i love it that you took you agent flowers. 🙂 xo

  4. It’s been fun to follow along with you, Mary! What a delightful trip.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful trip and thanks for taking us along! Fingers crossed that your business meeting will mean a column or something in a magazine on a regular basis! Have to share that I made your Hearty Meatloaf last night – I wanted to use up some ground turkey and was just about to make my normal meatloaf when for some reason I thumbed through your index to see if you had any meatloaf recipes and was thrilled to see you did and that I had ALL the ingredients. I was a little nervous – I usually make my tried and true but all the recipes I’ve tried so far from you have been a huge hit and this one did not let me down! My husband loved it and even my middle guy enjoyed it – especially the glaze which lends unexpectedness sweetness. I didn’t win them all over (meatloaf is a tough sell with my kids) but I really enjoyed it – it might even replace my regular recipe! 🙂

  6. you really had a good visit time in NYC – weather and where you stayed cooperating to make plenty of good connections – the whole airlines thing is beyond me anymore – we don’t fly due to husband’s illness but when they charge for every bag – grrrr indeed. So we’ll get a picture of everyone wearing their NY t-shirts?? glad you had a useful and fun time

  7. really enjoyed this series on your trip! It sounds like a great time and I’m so happy that you got to have this experience! I hope I’ll catch your TV appearance at some point…maybe on youtube? who knows?

  8. Sounds like a you had a great NYC experience! BTW, featured your book on my blog today. I LOVE IT!!!!

  9. I’ve always wanted to visit NYC but this makes me REALLY REALLY want to visit NYC!!! 🙂