Is my child slow?

I’m talking about kids and delays over at BlogHer this week! Have experience to add to the conversation? I hope you’ll come chat with us!

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  1. Important topic. Out of 7 kids, I had ones who couldn’t eat any solid food until after 1 year, didn’t have bladder control at socially acceptable ages, who couldn’t read until they were 10 or 11, and who seemed disconnected with the world around them. I have come to the conclusion that the word ‘delayed’ is often overused. I don’t know who does the studies about what is normal, but I’m fairly convinced they don’t spend much time with very many kids. Also, one only hears stories from proud parents whose kids are ‘doing things early.’ Who spreads the reality news, such as the average age for beginning bladder control is 3 years old? Yes, let’s be more patient with letting kids grow and develop.

  2. Just had a similar conversation with my brother. These last couple weeks have been Parent-Teacher Conferences at schools.

    It seems my nephew, now in Third Grade, is having issues with promptly turning in work, along the path that my son had at the same age.
    I reassured them that all will turn out okay with a little patience and enough time and maybe a different teacher at the front of the classroom.
    Middle Son earned a Master’s degree, and just accepted a job earning more income than his dad has.

    There were days when I coveted a crystal ball, but prayers and patience worked out fine.

  3. Good stuff.