A year ago today

Way back in January of 2006, my first blog ‘crush’ was Chris of The Big Yellow House, now known as Notes From the Trenches. I spent the wee hours of many evenings going through her archives, reading every word she ever posted. (Did I ever tell you this, Chris? 🙂 ) I was enthralled. Her youngest and my youngest were born the same month. She had almost as many kids as I did, and I could tell that she was the type of person I’d love to have as a real life friend. When I got the pleasure of meeting her at BlogHer 08, I discovered my hunch was right.

Should you have a similar wish to be a psuedo-blog-stalker-person, but in a much less time-consuming way, check out the cool new gizmo in my left sidebar. It is just below my grocery tally — yikes, I’ve already spent a lot this month– and it lists the posts that I wrote exactly one year ago. Making it ever so easy to read a post or two a day from my archives until you’re all caught up for the past year. Or sick of me. Or both. 🙂


  1. I am relatively new to your blog and am loving it!
    I also purchased your book and enjoying it Ü

  2. That is incredibly cool. I am definitely of the stalker persuasion. In a totally non scary way…. I promise! LOL When I find a blog I love, I usually spend hours reading archives. This will make it much easier!

  3. Hahaha don’t worry… before I can follow I blog, I have to read through all the archives. Yours was one of the first I read through!

  4. “a blog”, that is… not “I blog”

  5. you know i’ve read all of your posts…and there are so many great ones for your fans to revisit! thanks!!

  6. I could never get tired of reading your blog! I started following you on your Compassion trip. Gonna have to try that Asian salad dressing recipe from a year ago today. Can’t wait for my copy of Family Feasts to arrive!

  7. It’s funny you chose this as your topic for today. Just yesterday I became an official blogger/stalker of you and have been reading over your archives.
    I’m enjoying getting to know your fun family.

  8. Hi Mary, your favorite lurker here. Why would we get sick of you? I’ve been coming back on a regular basis for a year now, ever since last year’s grocery challenge. I think I found you through Rocks in my Dryer. Keep writing, and I’ll keep reading (and I’ll try to comment more ;-)).

  9. I found you while trying to google ways to help me manage my large (to me) newly blended family. In ways too numerous to count your experience has blessed my family (most recently, working with my hands while helping with homework). Will read as long as you are writing! Blessings, Mary.

  10. Mary,
    I might just BE that stalker person…seriously though, I am SO thankful that I have found your blog…I cannot wait to get your book….just not enough pennies in the pocketbook yet…I think you are being an “older” woman…perhaps more knowledgable would be a better work there…teaching the “younger”…you have given me SO much inspiration already…watching what I spend on groceries, trying a better garden next year, bathroom remodel, canning again…so, thanks! I will be checking it out…

  11. I was actually looking to see if you had a Twitter “Follow me” icon. Then I see this article. Now I’m wondering if I’m. That. Stalker. 🙂 I think because of my station in life, I feel completely drawn to your blog. I’ve recently read through your newest book and am finishing up the Guide… I’m a mom of soon to be 4 biological kiddos. I’m inspired by the way you and John have risen about debt and worldly challenges.

    Because we started our family at a young, young age, there were so many life experiences we had to live through to figure out what works and what doesn’t. We’re in Phoenix where large families are usually Mormon. That we are not. We’re just blessed with chaos and mounds of laundry 🙂

    You’re so right, Chris’s blog is totally stalker worthy. I want to be her friend and I’ve only read 5 posts…

  12. Oh Mary you are so not a stalker! The feeling is mutual. It was such a pleasure to meet you. Actually I felt like we had already known each other so it wasn’t at all strange.