Bathroom facelift

I spent 10 hours today painting my bathroom (actually: removing wallpaper, washing walls, removing rods, taping edges, and THEN painting) and have not one coherent thought left, but hopefully I’ll have pictures of the new look to show you tomorrow. Fun!


  1. ArdenLynn says:

    After living in two houses where every piece of drywall was covered in wallpaper, I think the stuff ought to be outlawed or at least you should have to vow to remove it before you are allowed to put your house on the market.

  2. Don’s getting ready to paint our downstairs powder room. I never paint. And that’s because I don’t seem to be able to master that “Don’t be so messy” syndrome.

  3. I completely agree! We said “no” to perfectly wonderful houses that were covered in wall paper. I have removed TOO much wall paper in my lifetime to know what kind of evils it can cover up! One time we stripped a bedroom only to find that one wall was papered right on top of bare drywall!! We eventually had to “texture” the wall with a sandy paint just to cover it up! Yuck!

  4. good for you!

  5. Mary,

    I cannot wait to see it…I have a son who NEEDS something to do and I am thinking about giving him their bathroom for a project…one thing I would like to know…about how much paint is needed for a bathroom?