Places I’ve visited this week

The Slow Food Experiment –LOVE this idea!

Pear, Walnut and Goat Cheese Quiche — must try this recipe (soon, because my pears are getting soft– except maybe I’ll try it with almonds and cream cheese, since that’s what I have.)

Hallelujah and Amen — warmed my heart!


In other news, I just witnessed one of my sons juggling — JUGGLING — my favorite vase in the whole house, a celadon vase that I bought in Korea.  WHAT do 11 year old boys think, exactly?


  1. but if you did the slow food thing – you couldn’t use purchased goat cheese?! hmmm – interesting article and I thought similar thoughts today trying to find plain barley for a barley, beef, vegetable soup I want to make this week. I see people with whole baskets of things with nothing in there that isn’t MADE – somehow – rare even to see plain milk or orange juice. We aren’t purists but I’m disturbed by the people who don’t know that if they have cheese, milk, eggs and flour – they can make a LOT of things to eat!

  2. Ohhhhhh… I can totally relate. I have 12, 11, 10 and 8 year old boys in my house. Some things they do just amaze me…good and bad. 🙂

  3. Monique in TX says:

    Eleven year old boys *don’t* think.

  4. Truthfully? They DON’T think!!!

  5. He can juggle? Wow, I am impressed 🙂