Day 26, 27, 28: Off the wagon

This weekend was an incredibly bad weekend for tallying food costs. For several weeks John and I have been planning a mini-getaway to Seattle. We planned to eat out, of course, but I didn’t include eating out in my $300 budget for the month, so I figured it would still work to keep track of what the kids are eating. Except as plans shaped up, the grandmas, bless their hearts, got involved in the cooking while we were gone, which decreased my food costs and very much pleased the kids. Hooray!! To keep it a little more true to a MONTH’S worth of meals, I decided to keep track of expenses through Friday, October 2nd. That will make up for the 2 days we were gone. But I have to tell you up front, we’re up to $315 for the month already– we ran out of flour! I’m out of a bunch of other stuff, and I haven’t had a chance to figure out meals with what I have. So we’ll just hang in there for the rest of the week and see how things turn out.


Breakfast: Pancakes (cooked by my 14 year old)
Lunch: Ramen noodle soup (cooked by my 11 year old daughter)
Dinner: Grandma’s Mushroom Chicken (cooked by Grandma Ostyn)

Breakfast: Cereal (self care! 🙂 )
Lunch: McDonald’s (Grandpa Ron)
Dinner: ??? (cooked by Oma, my mom)

Breakfast: Eggs and Ham, (Grandpa Ron)
Lunch: leftovers and peanut butter sandwiches (kids)
Dinner: the rest of Grandma’s Mushroom Chicken, served over pasta, with cabbage salad and watermelon from the garden (Mom’s home!)

I am hoping to get some pictures from our Seattle trip posted tomorrow– John and I had a really nice weekend away. And if you happen to want a signed copy of Family Feasts, try the Barnes and Noble or Borders in downtown Seattle, or the Barnes and Noble near University of Washington. There wasn’t an official signing organized, but it seemed too good a chance so miss, so I just popped in and autographed what they had! Very fun.


  1. Jabber Jaws says:

    So, are you excited that your great book is front and center in a post on PW’s website? Wow!

  2. I’ve been participating all month! We’ve had a rough year & saving on groceries has been a necessity. We’re a family of 5 & our budget has been $20 a week for toiletries, cleaning supplies & groceries. To say that doesn’t cover it, is an understatement.

    I’ve been praying for encouragement in that area & your challenge started! Then on Sunday, after returning from a bday party my kids were screaming “mom come look!”. I ran to the back patio to find it covered w/ grocery items. TP, paper towels, crackers, cereal, oil, butter, beef, soups….everything you could imagine WANTING to buy, but haven’t been able to. It’s probably worth $500. On top of that there was a Winco gift card. We don’t know who left it, but we know our prayers were answered.

    Just had to share. We feel like we were totally blessed for being good stewards! Praise God.

  3. Wow, Mandy! Thanks for posting that and praise God indeed!!

  4. Glad there wasn’t an “official” signing, or I’d be kicking myself for missing it! 🙂

  5. Mandy!! Praise God – what a wonderful gift!!

  6. It’s still amazing to feed your family on $315. Quite a challenge.