Day 18: A pack of peppers

A reader told me about a series of youtube videos featuring a woman in her 90’s who cooks depression-era food. If you enjoy this one, be sure to go to youtube and look for more of her videos.


Breakfast: Pancakes, grapes, OJ

Lunch: Canned salmon in cream sauce over rice, with carrot sticks, apple slices and squares of toasted seaweed (kim) on the side.

Dinner Spaghetti, biscuits and apples

Snack: Ice cream

This morning during school I sliced enough sweet peppers to fill a dozen sandwich sized ziplocks. They’ll be useful in stir fries this winter. Then this evening I filled my dehydrator with hot peppers, which I’ll crush once they’re dry. I also pickled 3 jars of hot peppers. We’ll see how hot they are, and how useful they are this winter. I do occasionally buy cans of jalapenos in the wintertime, to put in things like enchiladas, so I thought it would be worth a try to make my own.

This evening I also made Pumpkin Cranberry Bread (FF p. 230), except instead of canned cranberries I used fresh raspberries. The adaptation worked well, and was happily recieved by my big boys (including my son in law) who are up late this evening playing Star Wars minis on the dining room table.

Tomorrow is Saturday– hooray! I’m planning on a Costco run in the morning. We need milk, butter, cheese, and (yes, again) bacon. After all, what is life without bacon? If I can get out for less than $50, I’ll still have a few bucks to spend next week, which would be nice. We’ll see. In the evening we’re hoping to have all the kids home, and I’m planning on barbecuing steaks for dinner, along with baked potatoes, and probably something spicy as well. And dessert. What shall I make for dessert?


  1. We’ve enjoyed our pickled hot peppers, but my favorite thing to do with hot peppers is pepper jam.

    It is labor intensive, but oh so delicious!

  2. I am counting the days until October so that I can go stock up once again!! I’ve got a few dollars left to spend next week and I’m praying the family doesn’t revolt!

    It’s been great to get the freezer and the cabinets cleaned out though! Great discipline for difficult financial times!!

    I’m giving away a copy of your book on my blog, Mary! I”ve have great response about it! Thanks for writing it.


  3. Can you just slice the peppers and put them directly into the freezer? Or do they need to be blanched first? Thanks.

  4. Thank you for sharing that video! What a treasure!

  5. Another idea for jalapenos…

    I wash them, slice the tops off, and dump the whole pepper into the food processor and chop. Then I line a cookie sheet with wax paper and put little spoonfuls on it and freeze. Then I transfer the small chunks to a ziploc and return to the freezer. Then when I make soup or chili or a Mexican dish, I just toss in a “blob” for a bit of extra spice.

  6. I didn’t grow many jalapenos this year (lousy garden this year) but I do buy sliced jalapenos about as cheap as I can find – drain off the pickling juice and then put them back in their jar. Whatever amount of leftover bread and butter or sweet pickle juice I have is heated then poured over the peppers. Put the lid back on and put in fridge for a couple of days. The sweet and hot jalapenos are a big hit here.
    For dessert – we had cake yesterday – chocolate and yummy!

  7. You’re an inspiration to me! Thanks for all your ideas and perspectives. As for dessert, you should definitely try these Zucchini Spice cupcakes. We had them the other day — they are FAB! Recipe here:

  8. I love Great Depression Cooking! We have tried a of her recipes and they are actually pretty good.

    My brother in-law just showe up with a huge bag of hot peppers and I have no idea what to do with them. I wish I had a dehydrator to dry them out, what a great idea.

  9. my goodness, my first post is a mess. there is just not enough coffee this morning.

  10. Love all the tips for peppers, thanks…
    I would make Texas Sheet cake….mmm

  11. I loved the video..My grandma shared a recipe with me a few years ago. My mom had made it also when I was a child and I loved it, but mom said not to ask about it. Well grandma would get about 1 or 2 pounds of meat a week to feed a family of five, but they always had veggies…She would fry up potatoes and about half a pound of hamburger (I used one pound) and then pull out some corn and put it in the skillet and let it warm up after the meat and potatoes were cooked. Seasoning it with salt and pepper. I still do this sometimes adding green peppers and tomatoes. Really any meal you can make from a garden or from frozen or canned veggies works. The corn was either frozen or canned. (I have used both) It tastes good and is so simple and is a big hit with my family of five. 🙂