Day 14: The list is growing

I am an utter limp noodle this evening. Of course I did tug a bunch of kids through the school day, made 8 pints of pumpkin butter, canned 13 quarts of tomatoes, and cooked 2 meals. So maybe I have a reason to be tired. But this is an unnatural sort of tired, and seems to include body aches. Hmmm. I’d better make it quick here.

We are definitely running out of things, most non-essentials: Paper towels, paper napkins, Kleenex, Comet, vinegar, pool chlorine, elastic, and pepperoni are on the list. The milk is getting low. There’s enough chocolate for one more batch of cookies. Most of it can wait a couple more days, I think. Except for pool chlorine, which I MUST buy lest the pool become a swamp.

The elastic is for some little girls’ skirts. I am making them from a bed skirt that a friend ‘handed down’ to us after she couldn’t use it. (Yes, Molly, I opted for your idea! 🙂 ) They are going to be ADORABLE. I’ll try to get up a post in the next few days and show you.


Breakfast: Eggs, toast, bacon, pears, and orange juice. This meal was at the request of our 14 year old, who got her traditional birthday breakfast in bed this morning. The whole family traipsed in with the birthday tray singing happy birthday. Always fun!

Lunch: Cheesy Potato Chowder (FF p. 192), roasted pumpkin seeds, tomatoes, grapes. I added a sweet potato into the soup along with the regular white potatoes, which made the soup extra pretty. I was going to make biscuits, but ran out of time. Instead I found some slightly stale hamburger buns, which I topped with margarine and garlic salt and put under the broiler. I’m sure they would have been lovely if I hadn’t forgotten about them. I ran their smoking carcasses out to the patio, where the dog promptly ate them. Ah well.

heavenly-wonderful BBQ pizzas (pepperoni, peppers, tomatoes, mushroooms, cheese and swiss chard) with cucumber-tomato salad, and cookies-and-cream ice cream for dessert. Yum!


  1. Hope you start feeling better today. Maybe you are just worn out and will feel better this morning.

    You have inspired me so much Mary with your meals and cooking. Thank you!

  2. I hope you get some rest and get better soon. The “bugs” seem to be starting early this year:-(
    Love your recipes!

  3. Hi Mary! I’m a frequent reader/infrequent commenter on your blog. I was interested in your pumpkin butter recipe… how do you make it? And how do you store it? I’m assuming that you freeze it? Or is there a way to can pureed pumpkin that I don’t know about?

  4. My daughter has a sore throat today 🙁 Hope you aren’t coming down with something.
    I’m still wanting to get hold of your book, my library is being too slow!

  5. Sure hope you’re feeling better today!
    Is coffee creamer on your growing list? It is on mine! 😉

  6. No, I still have coffee creamer- whew!!

  7. What about using a ‘drawstring’ for the skirts instead of elastic? That way you don’t have to buy elastic! :o)

  8. Hi Mary! I can conquer anything with sufficient coffee creamer!! Love the breakfast in bed birthday tradition. We celebrate each birthday with ice cream and cake for breakfast lots of fun too. Very special with one’s morning coffee!