Day 9: Crisp and crunchy

Today interspersed with math and history and reading and handwriting, we picked a few dozen pumpkins, tried our hand at toasting sunflower seeds, canned a few more tomatoes, and picked the last raspberries (only a few of which made it indoors).

Breakfast: Granola and milk
Lunch: Leftover lentils, chicken soup, and sliced tomatoes
Dinner: half a dozen trout (in the freezer since a fishing trip this summer!), fried rice, tomatoes, and apple crisp (in the freezer since last fall!!)

No shopping– yeah! 1/3 of the month is gone, and so is half my money. That’s not too bad, I guess. If you’re playing along, click on the green words below that say “Mr. Linky”. A window will open and allow you to link-up to your most recent $75 Challenge post!


  1. Holy cow, those pumpkins are beautiful. Can’t wait to see how you prepare them. I love fresh pumpkin. My mom used to bake pumpkin for my kids when they were babies. Mmmmm.

  2. WOW. my 4 kids (with one on the way) are only age 8 and under and we lately spend close to $600/month on food (and tp, baby wipes, etc.). i have to get your book … i can’t imagine cutting my bill in half!

  3. I’m not posting blogs of my spending this time around. But we ended up w/ $26 this first week, $21 last week & nothing so far this week. But I will go buy a few necessities this week. It’s much easier in the Summer when we have produce. I didn’t have a big enough garden to can this year, so we’ll be spending more in Winter & Spring.

  4. Your challenge suddenly has new importance for me! My husband talked me into buying myself plane tickets for a weekend in New York–okay, it wasn’t all that hard a sell. Anyway, I’m trying to recoup that $ by cutting some corners. Yesterday my grocery bill was $73, and that included a new case of canning jars, 2 tubes of toothpaste, and some cleaning supplies.

  5. Yum! What are your plans for all of those pumpkins? I would make pumpkin- chocolate-chip cookies. They’re the best!

  6. Hello-I just recieved your book in the mail today and can’t wait to get started reading it!

    I do have a quick question, I had pre-ordered this from the day I saw it in All You magazine, and my copy has “uncorrected proof” on the cover and “not for sale” on the back, thanks :o(, will my copy have a lot of mistakes in the recipes or do you think I will be fine?

    I put a pic of it up on my blog, and am so excited to have it. It looks like a regular book, just that one sentence makes me wonder…

    THANKS! Brandy

  7. Oh wow! You guys have an insane number of pumpkins!

  8. Isn’t that crazy??? I am thinking of trying pumpkin butter — is there such a thing??– along with the standard pies, breads, etc

  9. Mary, let us know how your school year is going (if you have started). As we have entered the new school year, i have been thinking about your blogs discussing the challenges of teaching/homeschooling your children, etc., particularly those who came into your family more recently. We are in a similar situation and it would be interesting to hear about your homeschooling for all of us who are launching into our various educational journeys. Hope it is not too bold of me to ask!

  10. I’m at $222 of our $400 for the month. (I had originally said I’d just stick to budget at $600 but $400 would make up what I’ve gone over budget the last few months) I think I should make it. We’re using up a lot of odds and ends in the pantry and freezer. Most creative food for the week was adding onion soup mix to rice. It was very good. I ordered the Family Feast book but Amazon’s free shipping is SLOW.

  11. Got the books in the mail today! Woo hoo! Already made it through at least 1/2 of each one and they are so great. Thanks again!

    I only put one link on Mr Linky. But this week I posted 3 times about the Grocery Challenge! 🙂 Here are the other links:

  12. Have I mentioned that you’re inspiring? If I end up with 10 kiddos – because apparently the hubs would like to keep right on adopting a whole brood… – I’m really gonna rely on your genious to get me through it…

  13. I linked in a bit late here. Over shot the budget HUGE the first week, but made up for it on week two. so far so good, thanks for being such an inspiration!