Video: How to Make Grape Jelly

Every day people google ‘grape jelly‘ and end up here at the Owlhaven.  I thought I’d add a video of the process to show you just how easy it is!

How to Make Grape Jelly from Mary Ostyn on Vimeo.

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  1. Awesome video! I Don’t know that I will take the plunge … but, you’ve given me food for thought. So to speak.

  2. Great video! I’ve just started canning (or bottling, as I’m English) so it’s comforting to see you do it. I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years and it always encourages me to carry on being frugal!

  3. The video was very helpful. Can you substitute the grape juice for other flavors and get a good result? We aren’t big fans of grape jelly, but would love to try this recipe with another flavor if possible.

  4. Same question as Jessica, can you use another juice flavor? We are strawberry jelly lovers. Is that possible?

  5. Ah Mary! Great video! In my naivety, I didn’t realize you could make jelly from store bought concentrate. Learn something new every day! I’m gonna give this a try. My son LOVES grape jelly!

  6. Oh one more questions, do you dilute the concentrate? Or use it full strength?

  7. THANK YOU! That was a great video. I’ve been making jam, so now I’m going to try your jelly!

  8. Beth, I diluted the concentrate exactly per package directions. Angie and Jessica, You can use another flavor of juice if you want. Just don’t forget the lemon juice.


  9. Lovely to hear your voice 🙂

  10. I feel very inspired to do some canning! You made it sound so easy and rewarding and as you said, great gifts! It was great to “get to know you” in a new way 🙂 Perhaps you can do a cooking show!

    One question. How do you keep the jelly undisturbed for a day and a half with ten kids around? LOL!

    I enjoy your blog and your book too!


  11. It was so cool to see you in my All You magazine!

  12. That was great! Any chance you’ll be doing tomatoes in the near future?

  13. So that’s what you’re like in person. Lovely to meet you, appreciate the video post. Hope you’ll make more of them in the future.

  14. Mary, lovely video! 🙂 So fun to put a voice with a person. 🙂 About how much do you estimate one batch of jelly cost (about 7 pints)? Looking forward to trying this.

    I too totally thought you were making jelly with actual “grapes” and never gave the possibility for making it a second thought … until now. 🙂

  15. Jars- $4 for 7 (or $1.10 if you only need lids)
    Pectin- $4
    Sugar- $2
    Juice- $1
    Lime juice or vinegar- .25
    7 pints=$8-$11, depending on whether you need to buy jars, so, somewhere around $1.25 per pint

    This figure actually surprised me. Canning tomatoes is MUCH more affordable, esp. if you grow your own, because you don’t need pectin or sugar. Basically, you’re just buying (initially) jars, or in subsequent years, lids.

  16. So cool! Thanks for the video!

  17. Thanks for the breakdown of expense! Yes, as we were making lots of bread & butter pickles this summer I had to question the cost factor with ALL that sugar!!! 🙂 Tomato juice is awesome! We already have jars. This would be a very fun project to do with the kids for Christmas gift-giving.

  18. How neat! Now you have inspired me! I made pear jam several years ago but never tried jelly because every recipe I read made it from actual fruit, and as you know, that’s a LOT of straining to get just the juice.

    I have a few days off and am thinking of trying.

    BTW, such a lovely kitchen!

  19. On one more thing – because he just asked – fiance wonders if one could use a juice to “juice” the actual fruit. It would probably take much more sugar than using the concentrate, wouldn’t you think? Because the concentrate already has sugar in it?

    Hmmmmmm 🙂

  20. I watched your grape jelly video. It was very good. Explained a lot. I’ve been canning for a long time, but your video gave me the desire to make some grape jelly – and tomorrow is the day. I just have to get the grapes. And a friend just gave me a box (from her attic) of quilted jelly jars. I guess I’ll give one back to her with the jelly in it. Thanks for the idea.

  21. Is it for health or just because it’s cheaper?

    We made raspberry jam last year and just finished up some this year! We start by picking our own at a friends house….go through the whole process! The kids love it!!!!!!
    We make raspberry jam because you don’t have to add pectin. Would pectin fall under “healthy”??

  22. Thanks for the video! I would like to see more videos from you. I’ve never canned anything myself, although I watched my mom a few times as a kid. Maybe I’ll give it a try sometime. The kind of jam I usually buy is an all-fruit spread…it’s just sweetened with juice concentrates, not sugar. Have you ever tried canning anything like that? We try to avoid refined sugar as much as possible.

  23. HI Jennifer,
    Not sure if pectin is ‘healthy’, but I don’t think it is unhealthy. One of the advantages of homemade jelly and jam is that it does not contain high fructose corn syrup. And Melissa, yes, it is possible to make all fruit spread. It takes a different kind of pectin, which you have to special order. I have done it before and it works well. The pectin is a bit more expensive, I think, and since you are not using sugar, you’ll need more fruit. But I am sure it is better for you. Here’s a link where you can buy the pectin

  24. Awww, Mary that was so sweet of you to do this. Loved it.I think I may try it this weekend:-)

  25. Where do you buy lids? Around here they are over $2 a box….which is painful considering they were about .99 only a few years ago!

  26. Thanks for sharing the video, Mary! My Mom always canned when I was little. Your video makes it look so easy!

    I love the idea of giving a gift basket with homemade jelly with some homemade bread or with a baggie of the dry ingredients for a scone recipe! That makes it a special gift from the heart but does not break the bank!

    Looking forward to more videos from you…maybe on how to make injera!

  27. Can you pleeeeeeeese make another video to show how to make raspberry or blueberry jelly from real fruit?? My daughter and I tried to use the Certo recipe and it was a disaster. Also, they say to just turn the jars upside down. My lids didn’t pop.

  28. Hey mary thanx so much for your how to videos. My grandmother recently passed away and I was lucky enough to get all her canning goodies. My neighbor has a beautiful concord grape arbor and has alloud me to pick and can to my hearts content. I love my juicer. I think I am going to surprise the family with grape jelly now. Question I have always watered down my grape juice for drinking. Do I use my grape stock with or without diluting. once again thanx so much

  29. Rachel RD says:

    I stumbled on your website searching for canning recipes, since I’m attempting to make key lime marmalade. What an awesome site you have. We share such similar interests. We are in the process of adopting from China. I also homeschool my kids and am a walking frugal shopper. So Fun! Thanks for your tips!! R


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