The giveaway…

…of ‘A Sane Woman’s Guide’ at Conversion Diary ends this evening, so get over there quick and enter if you don’t have a copy yet. I suspect that Jennifer’s kind review of my book, and similar kind actions by many of you in that last months,  is why my book is one of Amazon’s top 25 mothering books (at 7 PM this evening, anyway! Look quick before it changes– it may not be there long! 🙂 )  But seriously, thanks to all of you who have written about my book, recommended that your library buy it, talked about it to friends, and/or bought it yourself!  I appreciate each one of you.


  1. I have also plugged you on my small space in the internet, dreadfully late to come to the party but glad to recommend your hard work and great ideas.


  2. love hearing from you, we’d love to win your book!!!!!!!!

  3. I’ve told lots of friends about it. I need to just start buying it for them!

  4. oh bummer, i missed this post. 🙁 ahh well, since i raced out and bought it on amazon..and LOVE it! great great book. 🙂