One the guests will never forget

Possibly the most memorable wedding entrance ever. This thing has gone viral, and I know why: it is totally fun to watch!


  1. Sue from Buffalo says:

    Part of me really loves this entrance. Part of me feels really bad that they decided to do this entrance in church. This should have been at the reception. I love the exuberance and the joy but it seems to remove the reverence from the church ceremony. I hate sounding…oh….nitpicky? (for lack of a better word..shrugs) but I looked all over this church for a cross and could only find a really small one up front.

    Sorry I’m raining on your parade. Like I said, I really do love the exuberance and the joy. I just wish that there was the reverence for God.

  2. Awesome. To have friends who will back you like that at your wedding is priceless, good on them for doing what they wanted. A joy to watch.

  3. Oh Sue, I totally agree with you!! I love that they are joyful, but the song was so inappropriate…it just seemed worldly to me. I’m sure I’m all kinds of two-faced, but I wanted you to know you’re not the only one!

  4. So funny.

  5. Sue from Buffalo says:

    Oh, Jenni, I don’t think you’re two-faced. Like we said, it was a beautiful expression of joy…just the wrong venue.

  6. I showed this to my husband who is from Rochester MN and he got the biggest kick from it. He said, that “you know that us Minnesota types can be a really crazy bunch…” Thanks for sharing Mary.

  7. We both loved this – shows the joy and fun of this couple and their friends. Since it isn’t my church – I don’t know their accepted practices. But the happiness on everyone’s faces was apparent – we saw them on the Today show and they were still beaming!

  8. i love this…brought chills…such a happy time and expressing it through music and dance is just a wonderful surprise. thanks for sharing!! fun!

  9. That was truly very funny.

  10. that is so so fun! i hadn’t seen it yet!