God with skin on

This post from my friend Shaun Groves had me in tears: Love in action. That’s how I want to love the ones around me. And if you happen to be in the pit of a similar struggle right now, please remember that you are of infinite value to the God who created you.


  1. As much as you think someone knows you, it always amazes me that they would consider that we would be better off if they were not here. They will remember the crazy little things but seem to forget the part about ‘I love you’ and ‘I want you in my life always’ but as long as we are strong enough to keep reminding them that we ‘want them here’ then hopefully they will always be there with our help.

  2. Thank you for cross-posting this. I may share my experience with depression and suicide soon (my husband’s uncle killed himself yesterday).

  3. Satan told me just last night (again) that my whole family would be better off without me, I’m such a pain in their arse(s).

    I think he’s going from roaring to actually digging his teeth in to a lot of us these days…all I can say is Maranatha!

  4. Thank you…I wish I could express how God has used your blog to meet me where I’m at and has focused me back to Him everytime. Your post about the Crazy Love book was very timely as well. I greatly appreciate your blog and will keep you and your family in my prayers.