Family Feasts

Yesterday I had the great fun of opening a package containing a few ‘proof’ copies of my new cookbook. This is the uncorrected advance copy edition that was handed out at book expos this summer– there are a few odds and ends of typos. But it is a fully bound book that contains all the recipes, cooking tips and money saving help. Anybody interested in winning a copy? If so, leave a comment telling me your favorite meal to make when your cupboard is almost bare and you really need to go to the store. (Mine would have to be something with pasta and tomato sauce, since I almost always have those ingredients around.) On Saturday I’ll choose a random commenter to win the book, so get those comments in!

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  1. What an exciting package to open.
    My fallback meal is a pot of beans: on eggs, with pasta, or just a squirt of chili sauce.
    Best of luck with your book’s publication!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    That IS exciting! My fallback meal would definitely include rice (a great staple for filling empty tummies!), some kind of “cream of” soup on top of said rice, and, if no meat is to be found, whatever veggies I have on hand.

  3. My fallback meal is usually pasta or scrambled egss. Or maybe pancakes.

  4. bethann says:

    It’s gotta be eggs…scrambled, omelets, fried, with or without ham and cheese….it’s my go to meal!

  5. Spaghetti! Good luck with your new book.

  6. Waffles. I usually have flour, sugar and such on hand. Then I just add some fruit as a side. Plus, my kids think it’s a treat so no one is the wiser. 🙂

  7. How exciting for you… and it is usually pasta with olive oil, garlic and hot peppers , fresh parmesan and basil if available.
    Thanks for this 🙂

  8. Tomato risotto. I usually always have arborio rice, cans of diced tomatoes, and bouillon. It sounds fancy, but it’s really easy good.

  9. My need to go shopping meal is one of two things. Either fried potatoes with eggs, or omlets as we always have eggs, potatoes and cheese at home. Congratulations on the book!

  10. Pancakes or grilled cheese!!
    Love your site and can’t wait to read your new book…I loved your Sane Mother’s book… I read it one night!

  11. Black beans and yellow rice. Toss in whatever leftover meat is lying around and dinner is served.

  12. Breakfast for dinner…always the fallback when we need to go the grocery story or are just too tired to cook. Pancakes, eggs, and fried ham.

  13. Anything breakfast! Always have eggs and potatoes, so I can make scrambled eggs and hash browns; if I have bread, it’s toast, if I have tortillas, it’s breakfast burritos. I can also always whip up some pancakes fortified with pumpkin puree.

  14. Breakfast is one of mine as well, but since I always have some sort of game meat on hand, it’s usually Green Chili Casserole:

    1 lb. browned ground sausage (this week was antelope)
    1 cup cooked brown rice
    1 can Rotel
    1 can Cream of Chicken soup
    1 pkg. (to your taste) shredded cheese
    1 can black beans

    mix all together, top with a little more cheese and pop in the oven for about 20-30 min.

    We eat this with instant cornbread all the time.

    By the way – I am really looking forward to the family feasts book, so if I don’t win, I’ll be buying it when it is officially out. Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. Ramen Noodles are usually in our cabinet for a quick fix (while not so healthy) I usually chop up kale from the garden and add some other veggies to make it more of a soup. I usually have extra chicken broth on hand so I add some of it and maybe some frozen or canned cooked chicken to add some more protein! I can remember living on ramen noodles when I was in college but I didn’t have the big garden to add the fresh veggies so my college days were not nearly as healthy as what I feed the kids! Hoping to win the new book so I can get an early peek!

  16. wholewheat pasta tossed with butter and berbere (I take some portions out for those with tender taste buds before making it as red as the ETs kids and Chinese girls like it). Add anything green from frig or freezer and if you have a beer on hand make Ethiopian tasting quick bread, 1 can beer and 3 cups self rising flour stirred together and baked at 350 till done. Mmmmm. When I make pasta with berbere my 12 kids at home will eat till bursting.
    mom to many

  17. Mine is definitely waffles. They’re so easy to make and we can put on all kinds of toppings (peanut butter, chocolate chips, butter and syrup, fruit, powdered sugar) depending on what’s in the cupboard.

  18. Mine would have to be some sort of breakfast food!

  19. Ours would have to be hotdogs! No matter how bare the fridge and cupboard get, you can usually find a package of hotdogs in the freezer.

  20. This is fun, I’d love to win your cookbook for my big, hungry family! Our fallback is always “breakfast for dinner”. I can usually finish off a loaf of bread for french toast, or scramble some eggs. I almost always have a pound of bacon or sausage in the freezer, as I buy in bulk on sales. Pancakes are an easy crowd-pleaser.

  21. I would say pasta with butter and parm chese, and garlic bread.

  22. That’s a tough one. Sometimes it’s hot dogs. Other times it’s my homemade hamburger helper as I almost always have burger meat, canned tomatoes and a can or two of cream soup on hand.

  23. something with pasta.

  24. Fried rice 🙂

  25. I make pancakes!!

  26. pretty much anything that is left (sometimes just olive oil and parmeson cheese) on top of gnocchi with basil from the garden since I make sure never to run out of gnocchi (my favorite) and we planted enough basil to support a few households.

  27. Mine is anything tomato based…soup, sauce, beans/rice, pizza. I ALWAYS keep tons of canned tomatoes on hand.
    And if the kiddos are tired of these things, I make pancakes. They’re always a crowd pleaser.

  28. I usually make pizza as I always have flour, mozzarella, and tomato sauce (plus most of the other ingredients I make sure an NEVER run out of!). If it’s a really good planned pizza night, then we have artichokes, olives, turkey pepperoni, red onions, feta, and tomatoes.

  29. I can usually come up with breakfast – eggs and toast – maybe pancakes or french toast…..

  30. Mine would be eggs on toast! Or tinned baked beans or spaghetti on toast. Nice and easy too!

    Cheers, Wilma

  31. I make goulash when I’m pressed for time!

  32. My fallback meal is an easy black bean soup. Salsa, water and black beans are the only ingredients. I always have those around.

  33. Eggs and sourdough pancakes. We always have eggs and flour and sourdough starter…

  34. Our fallback is always either spaghetti or “breakfast for dinner” – pancakes, eggs, and bacon!

  35. Michaele says:

    The simple things – Oatmeal, french toast, pancakes, scrambled eggs and toast, spaghetti, brown rice pudding with raisins, cinnamon, milk & a touch of maple syrup, homemade macaroni & cheese with peas, mashed potatoes and lentil soup. Tummy fillers – I have many to fill. Just found out about your new book and this place where you share your thoughts today!
    ~ big smile ~

  36. Black bean tacos. We always have a supply of black beans and corn tortilla. We all like them. It works :).
    Pancakes would come in second place.
    Fried rice comes in third.

  37. Oh Mary, is it too much to ask that I win AGAIN?! I would LOVE this book (and we sure do need help with our food budget).

    I would make spaghetti with meat sauce. Or (gasp) Hamburger Helper. 🙂

  38. “Breakfast for dinner” is our fallback meal, too, as others have mentioned. I almost always have eggs on hand, and either bread for toast or potatoes for hashbrowns or flour for biscuits. Most of the time, I’ll have bacon or sausage in the freezer too- and the meal is quick, which is what I need!

  39. Christy M says:

    Spaghetti stir-fried with eggs and whatever veggies are laying around… Matter of fact, we had this last night!

  40. I think mine would be chicken (either quickly sauteed or grilled) with rice & veggies…typically never out of those things.

  41. I seem to always have chicken and potatoes….so probably some fried chicken and fried taters…good ole’ southern meal!

  42. I can’t seem to keep enough pasta sauce in the house (after the garden sauce is gone…which seems to be sometime in January), so for me it would be grilled chicken (just takes pantry stuff for the marinade) & roasted potatoes (may have to cut out the eyes) & a random frozen veggie with olive oil & herbs….
    actually that doesn’t sound so bad for tonight!
    thanks for thinking of giving this away…I would be happy to do a review & I certainly can overlook a few typos!

  43. My favorite growing up was the “anything you want” dinner — leftovers, toast, cereal, eggs — each person could fend for himself or herself with what was available!

  44. I love beans and greens. I don’t think its any more economical than this! I saute some garlic which I always seem to have on hand and add greens of some sort. I always can come up with some sort of spinach or kale or something that I add to the oil/ garlic. Then I toss in canned beans like cannellini or whatever else I have on hand. I add some chicken stock to it to make it have more of a sauce if available but if all you have is some water and salt and pepper that would work well too! I love taking a step back and explaining to my kids that it’s nutritious and doesn’t need to be 4 courses to be a dinner.

  45. Anything with chicken. We ALWAYS have chicken in the house so this is always our fall back.

    How wonderful! Congrats!!

  46. What we call silly supper…breakfast for dinner. Usually eggs and pancakes or eggs and french toast.

  47. Usually pizza–we always have flour, etc. to make the crust and tomato sauce. Really easy and always goes over well!

  48. For us it’s breakfast as well (usually pancakes).

  49. We live on a sheep farm so my fall-back meal would always be ground lamb and curry with tomato, over rice. Good luck with your book!

  50. Mine is pasta too – usually with diced tomatoes and sauce, sometimes with hamburger or sometimes just with butter and seasoning. CANNOT wait to get a copy of your book!