Family Feasts for $75 a Week

Welcome to the Owlhaven!  Click the recipes tab at the top of the page to get a preview of some of the 200 recipes in my book.  Also included are hundreds of frugal shopping tips, sure to save you money at the store. My cookbook is available at:

If you’d like to read the very first review of the book, visit Merlot Mudpies.  There are lots more reviews to read at!

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  1. whoo hoo! congrats mary! can’t wait to read.

  2. You are a busy bee, aren’t you? LOL…definitely getting a copy of this one. Congratulations, Mary!

  3. Congratulations! I enjoyed your last book and can’t wait to read…and cook…from this one.

    Ann Marie

  4. That is awesome. Can you post a list of some of the recipes that will be included (not the recipes themselves)? I will definately put this on my list.

  5. mmm. can’t wait!! I was just telling a friend about this yesterday!

  6. I can’t wait to hear more.

  7. I am wondering…does the cookbook have recipes that are actually healthy, or just “cheap and nasty”? LOL. Hillbilly Housewife claims to have cheap recipes, and yes, she does, but at the expense of health. She even thinks that those of us who are worried about health are just food snobs. So, is there a balance in this book? I’d like to know this kind of stuff before I buy.

    • I have made quite a few recipes in this book. Most include lots of fresh Veggies and taste just as delicous if you sub the butter used for sauteing for a bit of healthy oil. I made the pasta dishes a bit heart healthy by using whole wheat pasta (costs a bit more unless bought in bulk) or brown rice. I even made the Egg Nog recipe for my diabetic hubby with non-fat milk Sugar Free Pudding and Splenda…Him and my kids loved it. The recipes rock in this book My family is eating more vegetables that ever and I’m saving money!

      • Actually, if you are heating an oil, the butter is the way healthier choice, as it does not turn into a dangerous transfat, even Olive oil is best not heated. For more, check out Sally Fallon’s cook book, Nourishing Traditions.

  8. I meant to tell you, Mary, that your (first) book has arrived with my Amazon order! I am so excited. I was jumping up and down saying – this was written by my blogging friend in a totally adult and restrained fashion. Woohoo!

  9. very exciting! i loved your last book.

  10. Mrs. W — I can tell you that this is NOT cheap and nasty food by any means. 😀 And, especially because so much of the food is from scratch (but simple to put together, from what I’m experiencing), it is quite healthful and flexible if you want to adjust a bit for your own dietary needs. But I’ll let Mary speak a bit more to this herself. Just thought I’d put that out there…!

  11. Wow!! Such a great review, that has me looking forward to reading your new book. Congratulations!

  12. Hi Mrs. W.

    The book does contain dessert recipes, which of course tend to be empty if yummy calories. But there are lots of veggies and other healthy ingredients featured, both in the main dishes and in the side dishes chapter. My kids joke that it’s not dinner til they smell garlic and onions cooking, and we eat lots of other veggies as well!

  13. Thanks. I am not opposed to a good dessert! I guess I meant “does it mock those of us who use butter instead of margarine”? (Like Hillbilly Housewife does) “Are the recipes adaptable so that I can use whole wheat flour instead of that nasty white stuff?” Things like that. 🙂

    I still mean to review your other book soon…I’ll link here if you like when it’s done.

  14. I was not able to access the review this morning, but now I can. I think that it pretty much answered my questions. It sounds like a great book. I am interested in doing MORE ethnic type cooking because I believe a lot of it is healthier due to the herbs and spices that they use. Herbs and spices are medicinal, and if one is already consuming them in cooking, well… 🙂

  15. Oh heavens, no! If I run out of butter and good olive oil, I can barely cook. If you are used to cooking with whole wheat flour, I’m sure you’d have no trouble modifying various recipes in the book in that direction. And in general my recipes contain more vegetables than typical Hillbilly Housewife fare. (No insult intended… she has some great ideas!)

  16. I always tell people about your ability to feed your family for pennies. How awesome that you have a book!! I need to let everyone know about it.

    I was just remembering the beautiful blogging session last year. I remember meeting you over the sink in the bathroom. Your kind smile is still in my mind. Thank you.

  17. Mrs Mary, my review is up and I also spent a few moments to plug the new book for you. You can see it here:

  18. Mary! Congratulations on your second book!!! I’m still reveling in your first. Can’t wait to get a copy of the second! I’ve referred many an-adoptive-friend to your first book…and am sure I will do the same with this. THANK YOU for sharing your wisdom and creative ideas with us. Sweet blessings upon you and your precious family, Amy in OR

  19. Mary, I enjoyed your first book and fully intend to read this one as well. I’m one that will check a cookbook out from the library so I can ‘test’ it for a few weeks before I purchase it. I’m sure this one will end up in my permanent collection. Can’t wait to read it.

  20. Way to go!

  21. Congrats Mary!! How cool!

    I will totally get one. I am trying to cut our grocery budget so this will work nicely with that new goal!

  22. Oh Mary!! I’m so excited for you! What a wonderful blessing! I can’t wait to read it and use it for my family!!
    Much success!

  23. HURRAY!! Can’t wait to read your book, I love your recipes – your Baked Apple Donuts are the absolute BEST!

  24. I actually just went to Amazon to buy it, all excited, and realized like a dope it’s not available yet. I have NO patience 🙂 LOL So, will need to pre-order and hope time flies!

  25. Mary, I have been following your blog for several months and I ordered your book as soon as I could on Amazon. I have been living out of the country but recently returned home to the US. I took “The Sane Woman’s Guide to Raising a Large Family” on our family camping trip this weekend and I read it cover to cover. You had me nodding my head in agreement, laughing out loud, and reading passages aloud to my family around the campfire. Thank you for the great book and the fun blog. I cannot wait to see the cookbook.

  26. What a great review for your cookbook, Mary! Congrats – I’m planning to pre-order a bunch. I’m so amazed at all you accomplish. I love you!

    BTW, I just made a big batch of baked apple donuts which came to the airport for the Sophie farewell. Made the event a little more tolerable.

  27. Will this be applicable world-wide? So many grocery budget books and sites from the US rely on couponing, which we don’t have here…

  28. I was just sitting here looking through your book for a recipe to use for my April menu plan and realized that I don’t think I ever sent you a link to the review I posted on my blog:

    I was telling a friend about your book and she wants to borrow my copy. She is a mother of many as you and I are.




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