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  1. Wow. Very eye opening. Thank you, sincerely, for sharing.

  2. wow……powerful!

  3. This is immeasurably powerful. It makes me proud to be an adoptive parent. It makes me want to adopt again. If we all adopted just one child, what a world we could have.

  4. I stumbled across your blog tonight, which is no mistake! I also have a broken heart for orphans. Our church is doing amazing things for orphans in this country and around the world. Hope you and your readers can check out the website. http://www.orphansandthechurch.com/pages/
    There are so many ways ordinary people can help the lives of orphans.
    You can choose to crawl… pray or donate, or walk…. mentor a foster child or do fostering, or RUN…. adoption!
    Thanks for your blog!

  5. Makes me want to adopt for sure… an older child.. For today I will cherish my ‘foster child’ in Indonesia..

  6. We have an adopted son from the Philippines and would have loved to take more. Every child brings more joy to a family!

  7. I have seen this before, but it so nicely puts it into perspective. We are preparing to do emergency travel to bring our three soon to be adopted kiddos home. The eldest is having medical issues related to his medical special need and suddenly our court date is moved up and they are trying to “medical evac” the kids so we can get them home. Kind of kills the funding timeline though so we are scrambling. And these are only three of so many in need!!!!
    Thanks for continuing to challenge folks!