Wednesday’s blog posts

Ok- here are the correct answers.
1. Julia: Skellitudde
2. Pioneer Woman: Men in the Pen
3. Planet Nomad: Death Be Not Proud (Be praying for her family, OK?)
4. Pics and Kicks: Phatstraps Giveaway
5. Conversion Diary: Fear of Life
6. Cheap Healthy Good: A Fruit Salad to Rival the Cheese Plate
7. JourneyMama: what was in those bottles?
8. Down to Earth: Homemaking
9. Rocks in My Dryer: Romancin’
10. (if you named a blog, you get a point)


OK– looking at all the answers, I realize that I don’t know how to figure out who got the most ORIGINAL answers. (Oh, the dangers of formulating a contest while jetlagged!) So I went ahead and found a winner using Marian, #12, is the winner. Marian, will you send me your address? I will send a copy of my book your direction! Thanks to everyone who shared your favorite posts this week. You introduced me to some blogs I didn’t know before!

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  1. Thank you, Mary! I was so excited for you when your book came out and have been wanting to read it ever since, but knew that I didn’t have time this spring. With surgery coming up soon, there’s just the right window opening to read something I WANT to read. Can’t wait.=)

    Just this weekend, God has gone out of His way (so to speak) to very directly and tenderly bless me, to let me know that He is there, He knows, He sees, He loves me. Wish I could tell you the story… Now this feels like the bow on top. =)

  2. I received it, and couldn’t help but plow into it just a little bit! I forced myself to lay it aside until next week to do the work I HAVE to do, but can’t wait to get back to it. Just as I expected, it’s warm, practical and encouraging. I’ll review it officially later,when I’ve, you know, actually read the whole thing, but I’ve already recommended it in a comment to someone who’s looking for encouragement and strength to continue in her plans for a big family! Thanks, again, Mary. I’m truly thrilled for you in the publication of this book, and hopeful that it will bless many. =)