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It’s been fun to read what people have to say about my book– thanks to all of you who have weighed in!  Here are some links to recent reviews.

Notes from the Trenches (new today)

5 Minutes For Mom (new this week)

Like Merchant Ships

Another Espresso Please


Amazon.com (11 reviews)

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  1. Congratulations on your book, Mary!

    I’m off to purchase a copy for myself – and two more copies for my girlfriends who are also vastly outnumbered by children under the age of five. I’m sure that your calm words of wisdom will be a welcome gift to us all.

    What a wonderful accomplishment. I wish you the best of success!!

  2. Mary,

    I just wrote a review on Amazon last night or the night before. I loved the book!!! It was so practical and helpful and I could relate in so many ways. I was nodding myself when I read that when you talk about being done you know that you are closing the door to a child who needs a home. A paraphrase I realize but it rang so true with me.

    I requested for our library to purchase it and they did! I will recommend this highly to my friends. Thanks for writing this. It is so appreciated and the practical tips are bouncing around in my head now.


  3. Mary!!! It’s your mother’s friend, Bonnie, here. How perfectly lovely to find you and your book. I shall purchase it immediately. I read a review of it at Notes from the Trenches.

    I’m quite certain that I commented here a long time ago without realizing you were you! I can’t wait to look around your site.

    Please give a big hug to your mom for me. You and she have been two of my greatest role models!

    Also, my Julia, the first of my babies delivered by your mom and Dr. Duhart at home, had her second baby at her home just a few days after Dr. Duhart passed away.

    God’s Peace, Mary!

  4. Mrs. Sheriff says:

    I recently purchased and read your book (in only 1 day!) My family is small compared to yours with only 4 children, but so many of the things you are talking about could be so useful in my house. Also, I took a second look at homeschooling. This is something I have been afraid of, but have been leaning toward. We have a gifted child for whom the public school system is not prepared for or really willing to work with. I have a bit more confidence in going forward in my research to see if my family can make home school work for our children. Thank you for sharing your family and your insights 🙂

  5. Mrs. Sheriff says:

    I have been visiting your blog for about a year now, and have greatly enjoyed your writings. I purchased your book and devoured it in about 6 hours! I have much smaller family than yours with only 4 children, but found many ideas that I can incorporate into our household (laundry ideas!) You have also made me take a serious second look at homeschooling. This is something that I have been afraid of, but have been thinking more and more about. We have a gifted child that the public school system is not prepared for or really willing to work with. Thank you for sharing your insights and family 🙂 Thumbs up!

  6. Hi Mary, I am behind in reading your blog right now, but I saw this post and had to comment. I finished the book a while ago, and I’ve already told you that I loved it. But it has found a place in my purse, as I am always reading it. I don’t think it matters how many times one reads it, there is still another thing to learn and remember with each time.

    I have a bunch of questions, but I will throw this one at you right now. Do you use paper plates? I figure either you are going to say a resounding “Of course we do! We couldn’t live w/o them,” or “No Way! They are a waste of money and resources!”

    If you do not use them, do your children use plastic plates and cups or glass? I am thinking of only using paper plates for camping trips and such, but I don’t know if I am really going to save money and time doing it.


  7. Carla, We use paper plates for breakfast and lunch, and Corelle for dinner. I like the convenience of paper, but the graciousness of regular dishes, so we compromise. Even with paper, we run the dishwasher 2-3 times a day. We use glass cups at every meal. About half the time we use cloth napkins. I’d like to use cloth napkins all the time, but I need to make a couple dozen more before that will be practical.