New babies at the Owlhaven!

Aren’t they cute????? You can click on the links to enlarge each picture– and if you’d like to see my 4yo’s whole face!

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  1. Yeah you have chickens! You will really enjoy them. It takes about 20 weeks for them to lay, but they are so cute and fun to watch in the meantime that you won’t care. What breed(s) did you get? Did you get straight run or just hens?

    Have fun!


  2. Yes they sure are! Oh wait…were you talking about the chickens? ((wink))

  3. How fun! I’m guessing these are for eggs? I love their little peeping sounds!!

    And 4yo is adorable!!!

  4. You must have gotten your darling husband to build the coop-or what ever they call it.

    I concur-she’s a cutie!

  5. Egg-cellent! *Groan*.

    We also keep chickens, and are currently debating whether to hatch our own chicks. The only thing holding us back is what to do with any males that hatch.


  6. I wish we could get chickens. Just haven’t figured out the logistics yet. Enjoy them!

  7. I love the smell of chicks. I grew up on a farm and we had about 175 chickens! 120 were for meat, and a dozen were for eggs, and the company threw in *bonus* chicks – exotic chickens that were so small they flew EVERYWHERE and laid tiny blue and green eggs. We loved the fresh meat and eggs. I don’t miss the work, or the smell. Enjoy!

  8. Little peepers are so cute and even cuter is the people peeping at the peepers! Your children are beautiful –

  9. Very cute. In about a week or so I’ll have a bunch of little ones around too, if my two brooding chickens keep up the good work.

  10. we got chickens for the first time this year! ours are about 3 months old, our son LOVES them, so fun!

  11. Awww they are so cute!!

    I have tagged you on my blog. Please click here to see the meme! I hope you will join in! 🙂