Starting seeds for the garden

My adorable hubby is sharing seed starting secrets over on his blog for anyone who’s interested.

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  1. What a nice thing to do. Kudos to your husband!

  2. I soooo was serious about putting a garden in this year. I’ve even got canning stuff & juicing stuff all lined up and ready to go!
    Only to realize that there is NOT ONE SINGLE sunny spot in my yard. Now what?! I am sooo bummed! I have been asking everyone (parents and hubby) 🙂 for a garden for my birthday. I am just a few days out from that date, and no spot for a garden at all. Suggestions??

  3. I have some ornamental pepper plant seeds that I’d love to send him if he would like them. They are from a plant that I bought 10 years ago. I just keep planting them every year. And they look beautiful on my front porch each autumn.


  4. JoAnna,
    How about some pots that you could move around to sunny spots in a kid’s wagon? If there are a couple places that get even a little sun each day, this might work. Or do you have an elderly neighbor or relative who would let you use some space in exchange for some vegetables? Or research some plants that grow well in shade. Be creative!

    Good luck