Movie Review: Tale of Despereaux

Almost every Friday night we have family movie night.  With the range of ages, it can be a challenge to find a movie that is appropriate and at least moderately interesting to everyone. Last week we had the chance to preview the The Tale of Despereaux, a family movie that comes out Tuesday on DVD.  We have the book, which several of our children have read and enjoyed, and I hoped that the movie would be well done.

We all ended up being pleased with the movie, from our 4 year old up through our 14 year old and even to my husband and me.  The animation was well done.  The story was interesting. My daughter thought it did a fairly decent job following the book.  There was even a nice message about forgiveness in there.  I am glad that we own this movie, and I am sure we’ll be watching it again.

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  1. Buying this for the boys for Easter! Thanks for the review. I can’t wait to see it.

  2. Oh, my children just loved that movie! We so loved the book too!

  3. i should try it. i do have a hard time finding appropriate films for all of us to enjoy.

    you probably already watched it but we all loved Akeelah and the Bee. And we have rented two Bible DVDs recently: Moses (the newer version with Ben Kingsley as Moses) and Joseph (again a newer version). I hadn’t seen them in the theatre (if they made it that far) but found them in our library. We all enjoyed them a lot! It gave a good visual to the often abstract notion of Moses and the Israelites…

  4. reading the book now, glad to know the movie is worth it too, we have the same movie night problem!

  5. I’m glad your family enjoyed it, but our reaction was just the opposite. My six year old son and I also read the book and were very disappointed with the movie, which we thought just barely followed the story line. But the book is great! I would recommend buying the book. Get the movie from the public library if yours does free video check outs.

  6. We listened to the book on cd while we were traveling. (It was dramatized slightly) and we all liked it.

  7. I love love loved the book! And I can’t wait to see the movie! I netflixed it first to see if I’m really going to like it…sounds like I will! Yay!

  8. Just a point – the Colosseum scene with the cat really disturbed my 6-year-old, who tends to be pretty sensitive. It seems, lately, that there’s usually one scene in every G-rated movie that seems a bit over-the-top for the younger set. D0 your littler ones have any trouble with that?

  9. My 4yo says, “It was not scary.” She tends to be pretty brave.
    My 6 yo, who is a little more easily scared, said, “Yeah, it was scary– but not for me, for Despereaux. I thought he was gonna get eaten.”

    Good point– thanks for adding that to the discussion.


  10. We just finished the book on Sunday and are going to see it FREE (yippee) tomorrow at the movie theater.
    Little girl has been a little nervous about watching it as the dungeon chapters were a bit intense in the book.
    Glad that you and your family enjoyed it.