Update on Dr. Mary

Dr. Mary is a doctor who for years has been working in a poverty-stricken region in Ethiopia, (the Wollaitta/Soddo area, for all you Ethiopia-adopt families).  Two of my daughters were born there, and last summer my parents and my sister worked there with Dr. Mary. For many years Dr. Mary has been providing for the medical and physical needs of the poorest of the poor in Ethiopia. Last year she was diagnosed with cancer, and was forced to take a break and come to America for treatment.   Yesterday was her final cancer treatment, and she hopes to return to Ethiopia in a month or so.   Joining her in her work will be my sister Sophie, who is a registered nurse.   You can read Sophie’s blog for more about Dr. Mary, as well as more about Sophie’s plans to work in Ethiopia for the next two years.  On April 20th and 21st I will be holding a fund-raiser for Sophie’s work in Ethiopia.  I hope that you will prayerfully consider supporting her work with struggling people.


  1. Thanks for the Dr. Mary update–such wonderful news!

    Sophie’s blog is a real pleasure to read–I live vicariously through it–I can’t wait to plan an extended trip back so it’s fun to read all about her planning.

  2. Thanks Mary! Just FYI, I got another email from Mary today saying that she’s sick, sick, sick after her last treatment. Please continue to pray!

  3. Oh, I am so thankful to hear the update on Dr. Mary. You mentioned her cancer a few months ago and I have hoped (and prayed) for good news. I’m so glad she will be going back home to Africa soon. Please keep the updates coming.

  4. Have been following Sophie’s blog for a littel bit now, very interesting