What is a garden worth?

As we gear up for the start of gardening season, I was interested in the following post at kitchengardeners.org. In it they detailed the amount of financial savings from a 1600 square foot garden. What about you? Gonna have a garden this year? Tell me about it below. You might also enjoy checking out my husband’s blog. Recently, along with showing pictures of our bathroom remodel, he’s been talking about our garden plans for the year. If you’re wondering how to set up a garden quickly and easily, you may be interested in creating some easy raised beds. And here are some of my gardening posts from last year.


  1. Yes, we’ll be doing what we can with the limited space in our garden again this year. We also had the good news that we’re second on the waiting list for an allotment, so all being well and good, we’ll be able to step it up a lot next year!


  2. Spring has fully sprung here in Texas, so I’m already feeling a tad overwhelmed by garden goodies. What a pleasant problem to have. Happy Gardening!

  3. I’d love to have a garden (a small one), but I don’t know where to put it! I guess the disadvantage of renting a place to live sight-unseen is that you might end up with your only yard space appropriate for a bed in shadow 100% of the time. Anyone know any plants that don’t like sun?

  4. We just put in our garden last weekend (we’re in the Deep South). We have 2 beds that are about 14 ft x 4 ft. I’ve put in so far:

    tomatoes (two plants now, 4 more when it warms up a bit more)
    carrots (2 types) with 5 more rows planned every 2 weeks
    snap peas (seed)
    bush blue lake beans (seed)
    watermelons (seed)
    cucumbers (seed)
    two types of lettuce (seed)
    strawberries (plants)
    onions (sets) (4 more set groups planned 2 weeks apart)

    Green pepper plants will be planted in 3 weeks after frost danger is completely past.

    I do square foot gardening so I can get the most out of a small space. We love it! It works well for our family of 6. I have enough for the season and then some! LOL

  5. We want to try a small one this year. Maybe peppers, squash, strawberries and pumpkins (I know, they take a ton of room, but I think they sound fun:). I’m hopping over to John’s blog now!

  6. I’d love to start one, but living in Tucson, it’s difficult to find a decent crop that we can maintain during the summer months. I’d prefer to do the winter squashes as well but dont’ have a decent enough space (size-wise yes, but the soil is crappy) to start one…But I’d personally love to get the kids involved with gardening.

  7. I’m hoping to get more out of it this year-less experiment, more yield!

  8. We live in SE Pennsylvania. I planted the first seeds in our raised bed garden last week – carrots, onions, and swiss chard. I have basil and a few other herbs and greens started under my grow light in our basement. I started quite a few things with seeds from last year – a savings there. But it never occurred to me what the value of my garden would be. We eat many many tomatoes and peppers, and lots of greens. It does give you a good feeling (and really good food)

  9. Central TX here.
    Just planted: 12 pepper plants (too many, really!); 6 tomato plants, three zucchini mounds, four yellow squash mounds, four cucumber mounds.
    I hope it goes well. I’d like to branch out with some other kinds of veggies.

  10. I just found your blog last week and LOVE it!! I’m a stay at home, newly homeschooling mama of two, and trying to make ends meet is always a struggle, so we are putting in a garden for the first time in my life. I’m a self proclaimed black thumb, so I’m just praying I can find all the resources to keep me afloat! I love your site! It’s just wonderful, and your heart… oh, what a sweet heart you have! 🙂

  11. We will be putting up two 8×4 raised garden beds, and several potted herbs. Our soil is red clay, so to me, this is the best solution. Hope it is enough. We may add more next year!

  12. We’re doing a small garden for the first time this year. We have the space, just never had the desire before. Last year we were part of a CSA and I loved the fresh veggies, but didn’t like getting ones we didn’t eat–so I decided this year to plant what we like and see how it goes!