Watching paint dry

Thought I ought to at least give you a peek at the source of yesterday’s angst. The five colors below are the ones I’ve tried. The lightest ones were first– blah, boring, fall asleep. The one at center top is the one that looks like fry sauce in daylight. (For the uninitiated, fry sauce is a mix of ketchup and mayo). The one on the right is a little too hectically orange for me, and the one on the top left is nice– I almost went with it, but then my husband winced ever time he looked at the wall, and I realized that it would br great for a small area like a bathroom, but might be a bit much for a living room.

Had this post all ready to go yesterday, then decided I still didn’t have what I wanted. I sent my son to the store for two more paint colors, more in the tan range. One was OK, if not exciting, in daylight, but as night fell it went purple-grey, and was just awful.

At that point there was paint in 7 different colors in stripes all over the living room. I was literally ready to scream. I needed to get this paint picked but didn’t know what to do.

The someone threw me a lifeline. A sweet, wonderful friend very helpfully sent me pictures of a yellow on her walls, as well as a fabulous link to yellows in other people’s homes. Half an hour perusing those pictures gave me enough confidence to pick a yellow just a tiny bit deeper than the yellow on my upper walls, MUCH lighter than most of what I’d tested.

In a bold and entirely irrational move, I decided to go with it. No swatch on the wall. Just a little card that I squinted at for a few minutes after looking at pictures. But as soon as I picked it I was full of relief and peace. No, it is not as bold and ‘exciting’ as the others, but it is warm and inviting, and I think it will be a lovely serene color that we can enjoy.

So there.

Decision made.

I’ll show you pictures after the room is painted.


  1. You poor thing. I totally feel your pain. Seriously. This paint choosing disorder of mine makes my dh crazy.

  2. Congratulations!

  3. Happy Second Party Day !!

  4. My main living areas are a sandy gold-ish yellow-y color. It completely changes depending on the time of day. I really like it, but I knew when I started painting that it could go horribly awry. I was aiming for beachy sunset sand.

  5. My paint has now clashed with the kitchen cupboards and would look awful around the house. It is a daunting task choosing paint!

  6. i did this for my living room last year, the test stripes that i hated, and ended up with choosing a swatch and buying a few gallons. i love the color! hope it works for you as well!

    fry sauce! i hadnt thought about that since i left idaho in 1997!

  7. I’m glad to see you got there in the end!

  8. I have a beautiful yellow in my home that looks warm and inviting and gets a bit darker in the evening light — it is called Golden Ray by Duron.

    On another note, I really have to be honest … I kept looking at the pictures on that link and I kept thinking… “these people must NOT have kids!” lol. After a while, I didn’t even notice the yellow paint colors!