Bathroom update

The trail of workers wandering through our house has abated, but only a little. Today I visited with the disaster cleanup boss, the restoration contractor, and the plumber. I also ordered tile and vinyl. You can see our choices in the picture.

At the bottom of the picture is the vinyl for the floor. The big 12×12 tile in the center of the photo is what will cover the front edge of the tub ‘apron’ as well as go two tile widths up the wall. Above that we are putting the little border that is at the top edge of the photo. Then above THAT will be a row or two of the light-colored tile that is at the left in the photo. It will be in the 12×12 size (not the size shown in the photo) and will be set on the diagonal, which I think will look really nice. I am excited to see how it will look.

Our old tile was small, creamy-white shiny tile that showed every water spot. This new tile, with its variegation, deeper tones, and more matte finish should be much more forgiving, and (I think) quite elegant. We’ve also ordered a new deep soaking tub. Insurance is NOT paying for that, but with the ripped up bathroom, it seemed like too good an opportunity to replace our old (non-working) jacuzzi.

We are hoping that the carpenters will do their thing this week, leaving next week open for the plumber and the tile people. Am trying not to count on that timing too much, though, since I know things do not always go as planned.  But we will be very glad to have our own bathroom back.

In other news, yesterday I received a box full of copies of my book A Sane Woman’s Guide to Raising a Large Family. What a surreal feeling that was!  I am planning on getting a giveaway up in the next day or two.  So stay tuned!


  1. The excitement of choosing new colour for the bathroom! We are in the same position, although sadly insurance is not paying for ours, although come to think about it, where is the sledge hammer and the boys when you need them? Love the colours you are choosing. I am remembering to get pictures of before and after so I can show all how it will look when finished in several weeks time.

  2. Will you be considering International when doing your giveaway? I do hope so!

  3. Congrats on your book! How very exciting!

  4. Your book is here! What an exciting and long-awaited day for you!

  5. The title seems a touch ironic after the last couple of months… 🙂


  6. Congratulations on the book, Mary! I was reading the excerpt, and it’s really compelling!

  7. WOW – the book is so real now isn’t it? YOU are on – woo hoo!
    As to the bathroom – excellent choices – we ripped out a spa/whirling nonworking tub ourselves and replaced with a wonderful deep easy to clean soaking tub – ahhhhhh. Our tile choice was more taupe grey than yours but similar – great choices and yes it will all be worth it. Glad you are closer to another functioning bathroom!

  8. How exciting on your book. Even though I just have one child, I still can’t wait to read it. I’ve read the excerpt online. It sounds great!!

    As for your bath, although your renovation came way sooner than you wanted, and not how you expected, it will be great. Enjoy when you are done!!! And remember, make sure those workers show you their certs of insurance. VERY IMPORTANT…this coming from someone in the biz.

  9. Mary,
    As a frequent reader, but rarely a commenter, I wanted to say how impressed I am by the writing style in your book. I only have two children right now, with a third due in August and have never seen myself as mothering more than four. But I think your book looks interesting and helpful even if a family never grows past 3-4 kids.
    I admire your ambition, energy, and open heartedness to doing whatever God brings your way.
    Congratulations on your published book!

  10. Love the tile! You are going to be so happy when it’s done. Can’t wait to see the finished product! Congrats on you book!!

  11. Love the cover on the book, very cute. I have tile very similar to that in our master bath. You will really like it, it hides EVERYTHING.


  12. Love the choices for your materials/finishes. Can’t wait to see the finished room.

    Can’t wait for the book giveaway either! How fun must it be to see your name in print!

  13. Yay on the book-and the choices for the bathroom. They are beautiful!

  14. Really pretty Mary!! It will be a beautiful, relaxing bath, very nice! And the book? can’t wait!

  15. Heather (an everyone)-

    Thanks so much for commenting! I tried to write the book in a way that would help medium sized families as well as larger ones…


  16. Congratulations on the book! And also, what nice tile. Good pick =)

  17. That bathroom will never be the same! Hubba Hubba! Love the tile!

  18. great tile. it looks like mine :-). you have to post a pic of the new bathroom. i know it’s been hellish, but hey, you are getting a NEW bathroom out of this whole mess. i’m a little bit envious!


  19. Mark (as in Uncle) says:

    I caught wind of your book through yo’ Momma’s e-mail, yesterday. Congratulations, girl! Any plans to catch up with Rick Castle? Castle is a new TV show, about a mystery author who hooks up with a NY cop to help her solve murders. It’s interesting.
    Hey, I like the ideas in your bathroom. Especially the non-working spa (we have one) and furthermore the tiles on the diagonal-we did that and it’s an interesting approach. We also knocked out a 2’x2′ square, recessed the tiles in it, leaving an attractive spot to place a centerpiece, candles, etc.
    I enjoy reading your ‘stuff’ about the kids and the house.
    Lov Ya, Uncle Mark.

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