Because cinnamon rolls soothe the soul

The news from here is that insurance is paying for new tile and a new floor. We are taking best advantage of the chaos by upgrading to a new tub and toilet, which just might make all this chaos worthwhile. If we survive it. 10 people in 2 bathrooms. Yikes. ON the bright side, three of the kids are going to snow camp this weekend which will reduce the bathroom load while the fans are drying out the wounded bathroom.


Am thinking about soothing my soul by making Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls. If I’m feeling really charitable I might share them with the workers milling all over my house at the moment. I (heart) these cinnamon rolls. Plus baking sounds like more fun that sorting the junk that came out of my closet. One question: how can a 6×6 foot closet hold enough stuff to make a 12×11 room impassable?


  1. I don’t think they covered that in Home Economics!

  2. Congratulations on your book. I just took a peak at it over on amazon. Fantastic.
    New tub sounds fun.
    Wet ducts and floors, not so much.
    Hope all is fixed and you get your bathroom back soon.
    Cinnamon Rolls can’t hurt.

  3. Cinnamon rolls do wonders for the soul. The smell, the feel, the taste. It would be a little mean to make cinnamon rolls and not offer them to the hard working folks in the house. 🙂

  4. Gotcha beat. 13 people in 2 bathrooms. All the time. LOL ;o)

  5. mmmmm…. there’s coffee in the frosting….. my mouth is watering…..

  6. Yeah, the workers liked them too!

  7. I’ve made these cinnamon rolls several times and they are always a hit & it makes enough to share with lots of people…

  8. Just went and took the sneak peak tour of your book on Amazon. Sounds great!!

    I live in a small town in Kansas where the average-sized family is probably about 8 kids… with a handful of families ranging to as many as 15 children! (No, we’re not Mormon… the town is 98% Catholic.) I’m afraid that scandalizes people… One poor, shocked girl once asked in disbelief, “Is that *possible*?”

    My family is one of the small families in town – I’m one of four kids. God willed it that way. But I’m always so glad to come across other families who have happily opened their hearts and their homes to several children! I am not married (yet), but I hope one day to mother as many children as God entrusts to my care. I enjoy reading your blog so much! Thank you for that, congratulations on your large family, and God bless! 🙂

  9. Yum, cinnamon rolls!

  10. Oh my word…those rolls look amazing! And I am so thrilled that they have no eggs (we have an egg-allergic child). I can substitute out the milk for rice milk (he’s milk allergic too!)!

    Off to make them! 🙂 My mouth thanks you…my hips..probably not! ROFL

  11. Oh, those rolls are to die for! Had my kiddos and I licking the tin dishes. Egad! Go make them!

  12. Hi Mary…the cinnamon rolls sound yummy, but for what ever reason I can’t print off the recipe. Would you mind if you have a minute..hahahaha…emailing it to me please. Thanks hun!!!

  13. I love cinnamon rolls and it’s one of my family’s favorites. I always love the smell of fresh cinammon rolls coming from the kitchen. Makes me remember old times. Thanks for the post.

  14. Cinnamon rolls DEFINITELY soothe the soul. And if you ever need to justify excessive cinnamon roll consumption, cinnamon just might have some amazing healing properties!