the drama

After our tub overflow on Saturday evening, we wet-vacuumed the bedroom carpet and turned on a heater in the room to dry things out, hoping we’d taken care of things. It wasn’t til Monday evening that we noticed that the furnace was not working. John went down into the crawl space to discover dripping, heavily sagging heating ducts and decided we needed to call insurance. Our insurance company recommended a disaster cleanup crew, who came out this morning.

We expected the biggest issue to be what was happening in the crawl space. Instead they poked around with their various sensors, and declared everything in the bathroom and about 1/5 of the bedroom to be wet, wet, wet. Once we knew that the work was going to cost more than our $500 deductible (hah, almost as soon as they walked into the room), we called insurance who okayed the work. Within an hour the bathroom and bedroom were swarming with 7 burly guys.

They started by emptying our closet. Remember how on Saturday I cleaned out my daughters’ bedroom? Well, now it is now full of boxes of closet debris precious treasures covered with dust that we haven’t looked at for years. The room looks much worse than before I began on Saturday. Tomorrow I must PARE down that stuff. Ridiculous.

Once their work area was clear, they pulled back carpet, threw away wet pad, removed vinyl flooring and underlayment, took out the toilet (put it in the tub), and vacuumed water out of the crawl space. They also discovered a leak in the toilet water supply, and called our plumber for me.

Tomorrow they come back to pull out the tub along with that underlayment, remove the rest of whatever is wet, and set fans around to blow everything dry. Tomorrow also I hope that the heating and cooling people will show up and let us know what needs to be done for the furnace. (The disaster cleanup company said that at minimum we need all new duct work under the house.)


On the bright side, as long as the bathroom is torn up, we might just get a new tub and toilet. More expense, but we’d been talking about doing it anyway…and it would be fun to have something fresh to look at after all this hassle. And there will also be a new bathroom floor compliments of insurance– hooray! Here’s hoping they won’t raise our rates.

Also. I am never walking away from a filling tub, never, ever again in my life.

That is all.



  1. Yikes on the bathroom tub! 🙁 Sorry to hear you have to go through all this. Thank God for insurance!

  2. Oh my god! What a nightmare. it sounds like you have such a good attitude despite everything.

  3. oh mary. proof that you are running on empty, girl! a nice new bathroom sounds nice, though. i hope they don’t raise your rates too.

    pics of the new bathroom when you can, please 🙂 jeannie

  4. well, interesting irony that b/c you were trying to CLEAN the tub you will be probably getting a NEW tub-haha! We knew folk who did that while they were getting ready to leave for vacation and then LEFT and it leaked all through their whole house, basically formed an “ecosystem” of mold and bacteria seeing as they were gone for a week while it went on (can you IMAGINE????) and they ended up having to live in an apartment for over 6 months while their house was totally gutted and restored. If you look at it that way, you got off easy right?? Just trying to ease the stress a little 😉

  5. I feel your pain. I hate being in the middle of the house trouble but the finished product makes it almost worth it. I promise.

  6. When it rains it pours, huh? Sounds like you have really good insurance! Yay!

  7. that happened to us too!
    We got a brand new bathroom from it-once they remove the tub, the tile cracks. then the floor needs to be replaced. then the wall tile cracks. Then we have a brand new bathroom.
    Enjoy your new tub and toilet!

  8. My husband’s company sent us on a cruise. The night we were returning, we missed a connecting flight. My brother checked on the house about Midnight and all was fine. The next afternoon when we came home, a connector valve had cracked in the upstairs faucet and flooded down to the downstairs bathroom.
    We had to have both bathrooms sealed for the fans & heaters to work their magic. Not fun.
    The day they took the fans out, was the day that power went out from MI to NY. Initially I blamed the fans.
    Heather BT

  9. What a mess. Sorry.

    However, it gives me an idea to finally get my bathroom redone…

  10. I think you shouldn’t promise to write “interesting” things anymore. Seriously, this is way too interesting in my book.

  11. Oh, Mary! What a bummer! We used to own a restoration company like the one doing the “dry down” on your bathroom/bedroom. It’s good that you’re taking care of it now, because mold is a MUCH bigger bummer to deal with (not to mention so, so bad for our health). Yippee, for the new bathroom floor! And thanks for the “never walk away from a running tub” lesson. Hopes it’s all done fast, fast, fast. ~heather

  12. I’m so sorry to read all of this, I’m sure it has been a rough time. However, I can’t help but think about what a teachable moment this has probably been. Yes, kids, Mommy makes these mistakes too. And I’m sure humbling at the same time because…Yes, kids, Mommy makes these mistakes too. Hehe! Does it make you wonder how you would have handled this had it been one of the kids? I know it’s making me think about how I would.

  13. Sorry to hear about the mess. Aren’t those fans fun? We woke up last May to find our upstairs flooded and the water was leaking into the basement. The water line on our fridge had broken in the night. On the bright side, we have new flooring and paint upstairs and refinished ceiling downstairs.

  14. At least it happened AFTER the wedding, right?!! 🙂