Happy 21!

Happy 21st Birthday to my sweet Amanda!

Amanda 2007

Amanda 2007

May your next year be even happier than the last!

Ben and Amanda in Taiwan, January 2009

Ben and Amanda in Taiwan, January 2009


  1. Happy Bday to Amanda! It’s a biggie! And happy bday to you, Mom, too! Where does the time go!? Enjoy!

  2. Happy Birthday to Amanda! May this year be a wonderful year for you!

  3. wishing you a wonderful ‘pre-marital’ birthday and you and your ben much happiness at this profound time in your lives.

  4. Happy Birthday to Amanda!

  5. Happy birthday Amanda!

  6. When I read this, I thought of you:


    (sorry, just have the link to the slide show, but there’s an article too)

    Can you imagine planning 4 weddings for the same year?!!