Free makeup samples

Check out Blissfully Domestic to learn how you can get 5 Everyday Minerals makeup samples for the cost of shipping (about $3). I ordered mine at the start of the week and got them in the mail today. The samples aren’t huge, but each container holds enough for a week or two’s trial. I love that I was able to select 3 different foundations so that I had a good chance of finding at least one color that was right.


  1. I looked at the style section and found some boots that I think I’ve been looking for my whole life!

  2. Mary, I enjoy your blog so much….it is diverse, creative, newsy and fun…I gave you an award at The Glen! Thanks for your work!

  3. I’ve used Everyday Minerals for a little while now and love their products. The full sizes last a LONG time and they are half the price of Bare Escentuals. Hope you like them too!


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