Wedding Decor: Pillar Candlesticks

We were given a bunch of lovely pillar candles which we are planning to use for wedding decorations. I wanted a display where the candles had some height. Only problem was, I didn’t have tall candlesticks big enough to accommodate wide candles.

One of my blog readers gave me just the inspiration to solve my problem. She mentioned making a lovely raised cake plate by using gorilla glue to attach a candlestick to a china plate. She even sent me pictures of her beautiful idea.

I realized that would be a perfect solution to my candlestick dilemma. I scoured several thrift stores in our area, and found a bunch of glass and crystal candlesticks. Then I found a variety of small crystal and glass plates and bowls. These I glued to the candlesticks, giving me elevated candlesticks suitable for pillared candles. Most of the candlesticks and plates cost me between 75 cents and $2, which makes these lovely candlesticks very affordable.

pillar candlesticks in progress

pillar candlesticks in progress


  1. What a cool idea. Oh and thanks for the strikethrough help, will go and try it out now and see if I can work it, I know all about the html code so shouldn’t be too difficult.

  2. Oh, we did that! Though you should have seen how some of my bridesmaids and my in-laws looked at me when I presented them with a bunch of Goodwill glasses and plates and some glass glue….

  3. Brilliant!

  4. and even MORE cost effective when you break it down over 6 weddings 😉

  5. Great idea! And yes, I think Pajohilt has a good point. You will be saving everything, right?
    I should start a notebook to help myself for later…
    … though I sent Jesus a memo that I need him to come back before I have to give any of my daughters away. I’d be a wreck.
    He hasn’t answered.

  6. Oh, wonderful, I am SO glad it worked out for you!

  7. Great idea-and beautiful to boot! Can’t wait for the after pics!

  8. Those look very nice –

  9. Brilliant!

  10. Great idea!

  11. I see your next book in the works…Budget Secrets to a Beautiful Wedding.

  12. These look amazing, i love that they are vintage and all different, eye cathcing!

  13. These look amazing, i love that they are vintage and all different, eye catching!