African Heart

My sister Sophie is preparing to go on a two year medical mission trip to Ethiopia, beginning this summer.  I’ll talk more about that later.   But I wanted to mention that she has just started a blog called African Heart, for those of you interested in hearing more from her before she leaves.


  1. awesome!! how fun to follow along in her adventure and what a tribute to your family that she chose Ethiopia. ~Heather

  2. Yes, she loves Ethiopia. This will be Sophie’s 4th mission trip there….she spent a summer there a couple of times, then had one shorter stint as well.

  3. Mary,

    This post reminded of Dr Mary. Are you able to tell us how she is doing?


  4. Dr. Mary is doing as well as can be expected. She’s halfway through her chemotherapy. She is not a fan of the US, but has been doing remarkably well here. She’s found a great church, and God is using this time to really speak to her. Please continue to pray!! Sophie