When you’re 10

This morning I was driving to an appointment with my 10 year old son. I was off in a world of my own, awash in dozens of details of wedding planning and book writing and the logistics of getting 4 different kids to two different drama rehearsals all week long. After 10 minutes of quiet driving/strategizing, I realized I was being anti-social.  I pulled myself out of my own world and asked my son what he was thinking about.

“I was just looking at cars,” he said.
I figured that certainly there must be going on in his head than that, so I encouraged him to elaborate. “But what are you thinking about?”
He paused for a minute, then looked at me and shrugged. “Cars.”

Life is just simpler when you’re 10.


  1. . . . and a boy. My husband tells me that, anyway!

  2. LOL! Doesn’t sound much different than my 10-year-old son. I’ll catch him staring into space, ask what he’s thinking about, “Nothin’.” Which is the plain truth. Boys!

  3. …and a male! It took me 10 years of marriage to believe my hubby when he said he was thinking about “nothing”! Wish I could do that!

  4. thats cute! and, I just rememberethat I had a DREAM about you last night…does that toally freak you out? sorry !=) You actually weren’t in it, but I was in your kitched SURROUNDED by baked goods and different foods. I was with a friend and I said to her “she writes COOK BOOKS…so I will eat ANYTHING she makes!”

    whatever…where did THAT come from?! =) haha

  5. Are you sure it’s 10… and not just the Y chromosome? I know even at 50 my husband will look deep in philosophical thought and I will ask him what he is thinking about, and it’s usually a similar one word answer like “boats”.

  6. LOL, that’s not a 10 yo thing! That’s a GUY thing!

    My husband is exactly the same way and he is 41!


  7. Melissa, How funny! Come over and eat anytime. Just be warned that sometimes we eat peanut butter tortillas….

  8. No, life is simpler when you are a man. Men can literally be thinking just about cars. Women are thinking about 15 things, all at the same time. Men just can’t do that.

    Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuMZ73mT5zM and watch the video. It explains it all!

  9. fernk59@yahoo.com says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all do that a little more often–free our minds of all the random thoughts and clutter and just pay attention to what is in front of us. I always have so much background noise going on in my head.

    You are right–life is simpler when you are 10.

  10. I like that you noticed the value in it and wrote about it. I think I will take this lesson from your son and try to think about one thing I enjoy for a straight ten minutes each day! I am sure it will take practice…

  11. Love it! Classic.

  12. love this. and sounds like a guy thing. hilarious.

  13. I agree that it’s a boy thing!!! If you asked one of your girls what *they* were thinking about, you’d probably get an earfull!!!

  14. Must be a boy thing. I ask my two boys all the time what they are looking at when we are driving down the road and they both say the cars.

  15. 10 and . . .