Cute Christmas Wreaths

I clicked on this AOL/ Good Housekeeping story about Christmas wreaths and found the adorable wreath below. Isn’t that a brilliant idea?? Maybe I will assign one of my kids to spruce up a wreath of ours is a similar way.


  1. What excellent children you have if they will work on a candy covered wreath and the wreath end up with candy! (I have a little trouble trusting myself with the candy canes on our trees!) That is a nice idea -holiday decor and breath freshener available in the same unit!

  2. Actually, I will probably ask one of my BIG kids to help with that project. When we decorated the tree I ended up with quite a few less candy canes than we started with! 🙂


  3. Oh what a cute wreath! ! I sooo need to come up with something other than the dying real wreath that sits on my S/SW facing door in the California sunshine and just withers. That would be beyond cute! Between you and BigMama today I am awash in outstanding wreathy options!