Time Capsule

Today Eldest and I went to the Verizon store and picked up a couple of pay-as-you-go cell phones. I only use my cell 2-3 days a week, so this new plan should save me $100 a year. It should be more affordable for Eldest as well, though for different reasons.

In any case, as I was deactivating my old phone, I discovered a bunch of old pictures. The pictures were a little grainy. Some of them were out of focus. But it was like discovering a time capsule, a forgotten treasure.

There was a picture of my 6 year old at the fair last year.

A picture of her at age 2 with my now 17 year old son, both looking impossibly young.

A picture of three of my younger kids, so baby-faced.

Eldest and Youngest 3 years ago– oh the cuteness.

There was even one of my 6 year old and me with my grandpa. He went to heaven not too long after that picture was taken.

You know, sometimes my kids grimace and try to get away when I get out the camera again. But the gems I found in my cell phone reminded me why I keep snapping away. The time we spend together as a family is precious. I want to remember it, and I want my children to remember it too.


  1. mary, undiscovered or forgotten treasures, these gems. it reminds me: i have scads of film still to be developed as well as several disposable cameras. i hate to shell out the bucks for it in this digital age but i know i won’t regret it for the surprise shots that await me…life passes in a whir and pictures are something i can’t get enough of. my dad has enough of me and my camera though: “stop photographing life and LIVE it!” ha.

  2. Such precious photos! Look how long your hair was!!

    Hey, you blog keeps asking me for a password…it lets me in when I click cancel..but thought you should know!

  3. Beautiful, I love going through photos to find reminders of precious moments.

  4. You have such a wonderful family. It always brings a smile to my face to read about them, and the pictures are great!

  5. I love seeing pics of your children! You have a lovely family.

  6. Yep, the more pictures the better. =)

  7. what a sweet surprise! does anyone know what happened to antique mommy? just wondering…

  8. Ohh what precious pics! I can’t believe how much your little ones have grown. It seems like just yesterday they were babes.

  9. Just gorgeous. What a lovely surprise and memory moment.

  10. What a super find.

    I especially love the one of your grandfather – how special to have found that one, now he is in heaven.

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. love these…and i find cell phone pics just awesome in general!

  12. Oh! How amazing and wonderful! Those last two, especially, made my heart just melt down inside my chest!