Game night

This evening we’re having friends over for a game night. We’re going to include our Taiwan friends via skype. We’ll be playing ‘talking’ games like Gibberish and Balderdash, stuff that can be done over the internet. We’re having easy stuff for dinner: veggies and fruit and cold cuts and teriyaki meatballs, along with cookies, pumpkin pie and apple pie. I wish the Taiwan people could be in on the food, too. After the littlest kids go to bed, I am hoping for some pinochle. I started to learn it last month, but don’t nearly have it down. Are any of you good at pinochle? Have any tips?


  1. Woo hoo! Now you’re speaking my language…we love pinochle around here! It was practically a requirement to learn how to play when I married into my husband’s family, and now we’ve taught our oldest kids so they can play too. I’m not very good at it even still, but I do enjoy it!

    How interesting that you’re “playing” with friends all the way in Taiwan…you’d think it was the 21st century or something…


  2. No tips. But, I had to comment:
    My mom played pinochle. She loved it. Bridge too. And poker (though not till later in life).
    Hope you get it down.

    We just got Blokus and love it. I’ve also just bought Double Shutter, Bananagrams, Find It, Set and something else.

  3. No, I’ve never played pinochle. Maybe I should learn. We have game and pizza night every Saturday, so we always need new games to play.

    I wonder if you could play Taboo over video Skype? Someone would have to hold the cards up to the camera, but it’s mostly an audio game. Could be fun if you could make it work.

  4. Love pinochle here!! You just have to play to get better. It’s really hard for someone else to teach you all the ins and outs. My mom just had eye surgery and her number one concern is it she will be able to play pinochle on Thanksgiving, lol. You could say we are a BIG pinochle playing family.


  5. I love pinochle! When DH and I were first married we used to play double deck with my mom and dad every weekend, it was a family favorite! 🙂