Decidedly NOT a turkey

She found this sticker on the newspaper

and was sure it belonged on her shirt.


  1. She’s a keeper! A turkey you won’t be cooking on Thanksgiving.

  2. She is absolutely adorable!

  3. She may not be a turkey, but if she’s up for grabs, I’ll take her…she’s adorable! Although she may not get along with MY two little turkeys. They’re not used to cute little girls running around! 🙂

  4. too cute

  5. Love it! My 3 yr old always puts his stickers over his mouth! What a goof!

  6. Oh! She is just so sweet!!!

  7. Your little gobbler is growing ever cuter. How can you stand it?!!?

  8. LOL! SO cute! Gave me a good chuckle this AM. 🙂 Give the girlie a kiss from me. What a doll. ~~Rhonda 🙂

  9. That’s the cutest turkey I’ve ever seen!

  10. I think that turkey deserves a pardon!

  11. welll if she WAS a turkey.. she’d be the cutest one I’d ever seen for sure!! 🙂

  12. Too cute!!

  13. That’s one turkey, I wouldn’t mind having! She is adorable.

  14. hilarious ; ) I can’t believe how big she has gotten – she’s absolutely gorgeous!

  15. What an awesome photo. She is adorable!

  16. what a cute expression!

  17. Speaking of sticky, your favicon has stuck to my browser and now shows up next to my web address. I just posted about it here: favicon weirdness.

  18. Suzanne,
    It’s my evil plan to take over the world, one blog at a time!

    just kidding. I have no idea why it would be doing that!

  19. Sooo cute. I love the expression! How old is she?

  20. She just barely turned 4!


  21. My word, she’s ADORABLE!