Our Love Story: Fairy-Tale Wonderful

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August 23, 1986.

I spent the morning with my family and my best friend Nicole. I was thrilled she’d been able to fly from Florida to be in my wedding. We ate breakfast, gathered things together to bring to the church, and fussed endlessly with our hair, an operation that involved curling irons and copious amounts of hairspray.

I imagined John spending lots of time getting ready too, but found out later that he’d actually spent the entire morning washing his car to gleaming perfection. His car, it seems, was much higher maintenance than he.

My bridesmaids and I waited to dress til we got to church. We were giddy with excitement. Looking back I can’t believe how young we all were. Every person in that 12-person wedding party was 20 or younger. And it truly was a party. It was a glorious day.

In the really momentous times of my life, I always find myself fighting unbelief, wondering if this thing could really be happening to me.

I remember wondering that when my mother and I looked at each other in the mirror after we finally got my headpiece on straight.

I remember thinking that when I stood at the back of the church, holding onto my dad’s arm, waiting for the music that was our cue to begin the walk into the church.

I remember thinking that as I listened to the bridal rustle, the movement made by a roomful of people turning in unison to watch the bride– me?!?- walk up that aisle.

But when my eyes met John’s as he watched me coming up that aisle, there was no unbelief, no wondering. Because I knew that look in his eyes. His look of love was fairy-tale wonderful, but it was real. It was what had carried me to my wedding day –and through it –and up that aisle and into his arms. And by God’s grace it carries me through my days even now, 22 years later.

Up at the front of the church, we were all nerves and excitement. The church was hot. The service was long. Sweat ran down my spine. Partway through the message John and I got restless and started playing thumbsies with our joined hands. I wonder now what our poor pastor thought– probably that we were a couple of crazy 19 year olds.

But when it was time for the vows, we were serious. My voice broke as I promised John my life, and his eyes were intent and solemn as he promised his right back.

A kiss and a jubilant walk back down the aisle, and it was done. We shook a hundred hands and smiled a thousand smiles, and at some point a couple hours later sat down and shared a slice of cake before racing off on the grand adventure that was our lives.


From high school sweethearts to happily ever after.

By God’s grace.


You can read John’s story at Duct Tape and Baling Twine. If you are sharing your story, leave a direct link in comments, below. And thanks to everyone who has shared their story this month. I have so much enjoyed reading each one.


  1. Oh, how lovely!!! What a great start to my day!
    Aren’t you glad that you wore your Mom’s dress? It’s a timeless beauty!!
    Thanks so much for sharing this. Some proof that young love is quite often the purest!


  2. Awww, Mary – I loved your story – so sweet!

  3. Mary,
    Thanks so much for doing this! I have really enjoyed reading your story and the others’ stories as well and am now just a little sad that it’s all over. The stories have not stopped, but the telling has and it’s going to be quite hard to adjust back to reading the normal blog posts again! After this past month of romance galore, normal life is going to seem just a little bit tame. It was fun though! Thanks!
    Ps. Hope you have a lovely trip to the DR!

  4. Oh my, you guys are just so sweet and beautiful. *sniffle!!!* Thank you so much for sharing your story and for motivating me to tell mine.

    Here’s the link to mine (which you already read, obviously! but still…)

  5. How wonderful, love the photos!
    Here my last one-

  6. That was a great day! One big party with all our friends and family. Always glad it was with you. Love you.

  7. what a wonderful story. it seems like the true love stories you only hear in movies. And you were married on my 7th birthday. Now although I don’t know you (only through the blog), I will never forget your anniversary :).

  8. I’ve loved reading all about your romance! Love your pictures! We also had light blue tuxes for our wedding! Never seem to see those anymore! ~~Pam

  9. sigh …… so sweet!! [:-)

    Love, Rachel

  10. your colors were blue and peach?– that’s hot 🙂

    thanks for sharing your sweet story.

  11. I just finished my last installement:

    You story is so beautiful. I’m honored that you shared it .

  12. Your story is so beautiful. I feel honored that you shared it.
    Here’s my last installment:

  13. That was so beautiful!

    Isn’t it kind of a scary thought to picture our kids getting married that young?

  14. Ah Mary! I have so enjoyed your love story!

  15. I love the pictures!

    Thanks for sharing this and letting everyone share theirs this month!

  16. Oh yay, thanks for pictures. You are beautiful in that dress. 🙂

    I tried to wrap it up, and got as far as the proposal. 🙂

    So here is that last of love stories for October. Maybe I’ll continue with the rest in November. I haven’t decided yet.

    the beginning

  17. It’s such a sweet story! I hope it’s not over. . .

  18. Great story. I haven’t finished telling mine just yet (got started late), but here’s the latest edition. The rest will come in November.


  19. what a fun finish. and i love the photos.

    here’s the latest chapter of mine:

  20. So beautiful! Thanks for the idea to share our stories. Here’s my last one:

  21. Mary,

    We’re celebrating 22 years about 4 months after you and John! And I also wore my mom’s dress, with a similar neckline.

    Pictures and my last installment are here:


  22. I discovered you through the Bloggy Giveaways and stopped back by because you mentioned “love story” and I love reading other people’s love stories! I thoroughly enjoyed reading the whole. It’s so beautiful how the Lord brought you two together. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Loved it! Thanks for sharing.

  24. What a terrific story! I just read all eight episodes and got such a kick out of it. I discovered your blog through “Like Merchant Ships”. Thank you for sharing your family beginings with all of us.

  25. Beautiful story…funny thing is that my hsuband’s grandfather STILL owns a blue sit like the ones pictured…and he STILL WEARS it!

  26. Donna Werhan says:

    It would be helpful to have a way to go to the next part of the story without going back to the beginning each time. But it is great — nothing about what John does for a living.
    Donna Werhan

  27. Oh Mary, how could I have not heard that much of the story before! I was there and didn’t know all that! Reading this brought back so many memories – that crazy green Vega, your wedding, and more! Love ya both bunches!


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