Our Love Story: Time to Choose

Our Love Story: Graduation and College


The stress over school came to a head one grey fall day.   I remember standing at the edge of the river near our dorm, watching leaves float down the river and wondering if it was really going to work between us.  John and I were arguing again. He was convinced that the source of tension between us was the friend.  I was sure all I needed was a little more consideration and kindness.

Finally, frustrated, John told me I had to choose between him and the friend.  I knew he wasn’t at all sure who I’d choose.  But he was done worrying about this thing and he wanted it over, one way or the other.

What he didn’t realize was that it was no contest in my mind.   I wanted him.  And I told him so.

My quick and definite choice must have spoken to him in a way that my weeks of hinting and fussing and complaining about his moods had not done.  He felt reassured enough to finally hear what I’d been concerned about all along, and he gave me the first real smile I’d seen in weeks.

And in being asked to choose again, I remembered what had drawn me to him in the first place.

And we made up right there on that riverbank with the leaves falling down around us.

To this day I cannot drive past that spot without remembering that grey fall afternoon when he asked me to choose.

And I won’t ever regret my choice.


You can read John’s side of our story over at Duct Tape and Baling Twine.  And if you have more of your own story to share, just leave a link in comments, below!


  1. I love that he made you choose without being sure of what you would say. That is hardcore.

    I’ve got part four up at my blog. Thanks again for the opportunity to write these and share… it’s been really fun!


  2. I love reading this! I keep meaning to write my story…but then I forget again. Maybe I’ll get it done before my anniversary in February. LOL

  3. Love is taking leaps! Such a leap asking you to choose was!

    Here is the continuation of my story:


  4. i’m back! i’ve loved reading your love story! i’ve written part three of our story.


  5. Aww!! How cool that you still live near that spot…I’d have to go a long way to revisit my most significant scenes w/ DH.

    My part 4 is up

  6. Laura Sopeth says:

    I am Denise Broeker’s (friend of your mom, Hazel?) and she told me about your blog. I am an advocate for Compassion International and I just returned from the Dominican Republic. The Compassion International Advocates Conference was just there and there were advocates from all over that gathered for the conference. I also met my sponsored child and that was truely the most amazing experience. I just think of her constantly and know I must go back to see her. Anyway, Denise said you were going to the DR and I wondered if you were going with the blogger tour hosted by Shaun Groves and Mitch McVicker. Please reply….I would love to connect and talk.

  7. What a lovely story for a pretty fall day!
    Here’s my second installment-

  8. Hi Mary, I just discovered your blog and also your husband’s today. What a wonderful love story–awesome! Thanks!

  9. I’m just loving each and every installment of this story!

  10. http://shelfie.blogspot.com/2008/10/love-story-part-6.html

    Here’s my 6th

    Nice one this week 🙂

  11. Finally got it posted today, here it is.
    parting is such sweet sorrow

    Why yes, I did quote Shakespeare in the title, because I’m a nerd. I also like long drawn out farewells.

    I love this sentence from your story. “What he didn’t realize was that it was no contest in my mind. I wanted him. And I told him so.” Perfect.

  12. Gosh, only two more parts left! I have really loved reading your story Mary and writing my own! Thanks for the idea. Mosey on over to my blog to read mine(part 7):


  13. I absolutely love getting both perspectives. What a precious gift to each other, to the readers and to your kids! Thank you!

  14. That is so truly awesome and inspiring. Good for both of you.


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