New Pictures

Monday morning around 8 am my family could be found at a park in a neighboring town. We’ve done our picture on the same log for several years running. It is a chilly tradition, but fun. This year we took the girls and the guys separately, along with getting the whole crew. Click on each picture for the larger view. The pictures were taken by my wonderful sister Anna Marie, who got up at a crazy hour to accomodate our need to work around our college girls’ schedules.


  1. I wish we were neighbors. I can tell you would be the perfect family to have next door. Great picture!

  2. What a neat idea. Your family is gorgeous. Gald everyone could make it to get the picture taken.

  3. Great pics, Mary! Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a cute family. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great pictures!

  6. What a lovely tradition for a gorgeous family!!

    I’m fairly new here, so I’ve never seen a picture of your entire family. The little girl sitting on your lap is SO cute – she brightened my day!

  7. Gorgeous gorgeous family. And pics where everyone looks good, how do you manage that??? Beautiful.

  8. Wonderful pictures, beautiful family!

  9. you have a beautiful family! and it’s a great picture, too!

  10. What a lovely family you all are! Great pictures!

  11. What a beautiful family! A fun tradition too.

  12. Your family is so beautiful and colorful, it makes me want to weep.

  13. Any head transplants this year? Everyone looks stunning!!!

  14. Great pictures! They are priceless.

  15. Gorgeous family!

  16. What a beautiful family! Oh, and I hope that carrot was tasty – did it taste like tea?!

  17. What a beautiful group of people!

  18. Gorgeous pictures, beautiful family.

  19. Beautiful family!

    I have a question that I’d love to see you address sometime… where do all of your kids sleep/how many bedrooms do you have? We are going on 5 kids and I’m trying to decide how to arrange them for sleeping. 😉

  20. Great picture and a great tradition! I’d love to see the older pics.

  21. RichMomma– We have 6 bedrooms, and 5 same-sex, similar age ‘pairs’ of kids. So there are 2 people to a bedroom. It works great.

    Sandwich– here’s a link to a couple of older pictures


  22. What beautiful pictures! You have a lovely family.

  23. Wonderful!! I love your family pics on the log. So fun to see the family grow. Hugs, Heather

  24. Wow!! No matter how many tries it took, those turned out fabulous! (Can’t wait to get my copy in the Christmas card…) [:-)
    Love, Rachel

  25. What a great family picture!! 🙂 Everyone is smiling and looking at the camera! How sweet 🙂

  26. What a beautiful family! I love the tradition behind taking these pictures. It might be early and cold, but someday when they are all grown you can go look back at the photos and see just how they changed each year. What a wonderful idea!

  27. What a gorgeous family! You must be bursting with pride.

  28. Everyone is gushing about the beautiful family…but what about that LOG! WOW that sucker is cool. Hee, hee, just had to throw that in.

    OK, the family is gorgeous as well, I’ll just admit it too. ;-P

  29. Seeing these just makes me smile.

  30. You have a gorgeous family!

  31. What wonderful pictures! You family is beautiful!! 🙂

  32. The pictures turned out great!! What a gorgeous family.

  33. Wonderful pictures! What a beautiful family!

  34. Thanks for the reply on bedrooms. That makes total sense. I just need to have you come over and give me advice on how to organize our kids. 😉 Thanks!

  35. You don’t realize how a family as large as yours looks till ya see it on film! Thanks for sharing. I like seeing the people behind the blogs I read. What a handsome bunch of folks you all are.

  36. Amazing pictures. They are all beautiful!

  37. These are terrific Mary! So how many photos did you have to take to get these great ones?

  38. as always – i love this picture of your family. reminds me i need to get working on what we are including in our holiday card this year.

  39. Wow! What an awesome picture, your famliy is really neat.

  40. Cute!

  41. Beautiful!

    I *love* your youngest’s smile as she snuggles in with her big sister.

  42. Mary,
    I love your pictures but they are screaming for color-balancing! I nabbed the family pic off your site and adjusted the color and was going to surprise you by sending it back to you. But I couldn’t find your email address anywhere.

    I would be happy to send it to you. Just shoot me an email with your address. If you want me to adjust a bigger size (one that you would use to print out) just send it to me and I will do it and return it. It just takes a few seconds.

    It’s the least I can do for all the pleasure you give me by doing your blog! Thanks!

  43. Beautiful pictures!

  44. Oh my word – you are all so beautiful!! I love you!

  45. Beautiful family, Mary!

  46. Mary, you have a beautiful family. I think you are an amazing lady (with no doubt, an amazing hubby) and I know you would give the credit to the Lord, but I just want to say how much of an encouragement your blog is to me – struggling away with my mere 5 children 🙂 amongst the busyness of life. Love from New Zealand xxx

  47. Your beautiful family is a testament to God’s glory. May you continue to be blessed by Him in all areas of your life.

  48. That’s a great log!

  49. Oh Mary, this made me so teary! Your family is beautiful and just seeing the happiness and glow on YOUR face. You are radiant.



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