Our Love Story: Across the Room

Part One: First Sight
Part Two: The guy in math class
Part Three: First Date

A day or two after our first date, John called. He said his mom had asked him to run some Christmas presents to his extended family who lived around town. He asked me if I wanted to go Santa Clausing with him. So all in one evening I met his parents, his siblings, his aunt and uncle, and 3 grandparents. All I can figure is that the guy must have had a good feeling about me.

My good feelings about him were growing as well. We were looking forward to spending more time together. But we had a problem. You might remember that just days before our first date, I’d asked another guy to the Sadie Hawkins Christmas dance. And at about the same time, John had been asked by another girl. That meant we were both going to the dance. Just not together.

I think we both considered backing out on our dates. Given the way the dance went, I think our dates might actually have preferred that. But neither of us had the heart to do it.

The night of the dance I dutifully showed up at the dance with my date– and then spent the whole dance trying to catch sight of John, very handsome in his suit, dancing with another girl across the room. We both have vivid memories of looking over our date’s shoulders and smiling across the dance floor at each other. It was oddly romantic.

For us.

I cringe to think of how it must have felt to be our dates that evening. They must have wondered why we only heard half their words, and were so often caught staring off across the room. That evening was long, but somehow we got through it. Our dates were probably just as glad as we were when the evening was done.

Maybe more.

If you’re sharing your own story, leave an exact link in comments, below. And keep an eye out for John’s side of the story at Duct Tape and Baling Twine. Rumor has it that he will be posting it soon.


  1. That’s cute! hee hee!

    The next installment of my husband’s and my love story is posted at my blog. Here’s the link:


  2. This is fun!
    Here’s the next chapter of our story:
    Happy Monday!

  3. It is really cracking me up, the similarities in our stories…I haven’t gotten to that part yet, but DH and I had a similar experience re. a dance!

    Part 3 is here…

  4. Here’s my third part, in which I nearly dumped him for the dumbest reason EVER:


  5. The story of the dance… staring at each other from across the room while you’re both dancing with other people is strangely romantic. And a fun story you’ll always have!

  6. If your dates could have seen the ten kids in the future, maybe they wouldn’t have felt so bad. 😉 Can you imagine what that little revelation would have been like? 😉 I went to a class reunion and was astounded to realize that with four kids, I had more kids than any other member of my class. I think people were shocked. If four kids can have that effect, just imagine ten… 😉

  7. http://shelfie.blogspot.com/2008/10/love-story-part-3.html

    There’s my third installment! Such a good story, Mary!

  8. I can’t wait for Thursday’s installment! Thanks for the encouragement to do this – I haven’t posted so regularly in a long time! Here is a link to Part 4 of Our Story:


  9. Started running with this a little later on in Oct, but hey, better later than never. Actually managed to get a post out for today and one planned for Thurs.

    Not sure on how to make this a link? At least here is the address to copy and paste with!

  10. Now we know who the seinblse one is here. Great post!