Our Love Story: The guy in math class

During the summer between my junior and senior years I worked at my uncle’s car wash. The 85% male environment — and resultant male attention– bolstered my shaken confidence.  By fall I was more sun-tanned and more confident than I’d been in awhile and ready to hit my senior year. I took a pre-calculus class that fall, with my precocious one-year-younger brother Pete sitting (alphabetically) in the seat right behind me.

When I turn around to talk with Pete, I often seemed to catch the guy behind him staring at me. I knew his name was John and I had a vague impression of muscles and tight polo shirts. But my mind was elsewhere, focused on a different guy who sat nearby.

At one point during the semester, John came up to me in the lunchroom and asked me a question about our math assignment. I helped him, uncharacteristically clueless to the fact that he liked me.

Just before Christmas, the girl-ask-guy dance was coming up. I wanted to invite someone but didn’t know who.  As I was tossing ideas around with a girlfriend, she spotted John walking down the hall, and suggested him. I remembered the way he looked at me in math class, and it finally clicked in my head that he probably was interested in me. At my friend’s coaxing, I walked partway down the hall after him, and followed him to the stairs headed down. But at the bend in the stairs he looked up and caught my eye. My courage fled and so did I.

A day or two later I ended up asking another guy to the dance, one who I wasn’t hugely interested in, but who’d been more clear about his interest in me.

Only a few days after that, I was the one walking down the stairs and pausing in the bend at the sound of someone saying my name. And suddenly John was there beside me, talking to me.


For my husband’s version of this story, check out his new blog at Duct Tape and Baling Twine.

If you would like to share your own story, put the exact link to your post in comments!   I’ll be doing the next installment on Thursday.


  1. I love reading stories of how people met their spouses! Can’t wait to read your hubby’s version!

  2. Awwwwwww

    Tell us more!

  3. hahahhaha, these are really fun to read…

  4. Looking at your high school pictures, I just see so much of you in your kids!

    And John has a blog? Awesome! I’ll check it out!! 🙂

  5. Love it! My second installment is here


    You guys are sooooo cute!!! I just look at your face, Mary, and I’m absolutely confident that we would have been BFF if we’d been in school together. ;o)

  6. Here is my next installment:


    I love reading all of these wonderful stories! Cute picture, too, Mary! 🙂 I had the exact same hair style but in brown my junior and senior years of high school.

  7. Sorry…the link to my next installment should work now. ooops! 🙂


  8. Awww, man. You keep leaving us hanging! 🙂 I can’t wait to read more!

  9. So fun! And I can’t believe John has his own blog! What a great name! My Love Story Part II is up!


  10. Here’s my first entry! I’m loving this!

  11. I love the pictures!

    My next installment will be up tomorrow morning.


  12. Love reading John’s version!
    Here’s my next one..

  13. Thanks for inspiring/prodding me to continue with mine (started back in July). I’ve enjoyed yours and look forward to Thursday!

    My story can be found here.

  14. loving your story!

    i’m participating, but forgot to include my link for yesterday:

  15. This is so fun. And I’m loving these pictures of your two young selves.


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