Our Love Story: First Sight

Junior year of high school.  I was the new kid in town, grieving friends in other states, eager for a friend in this new town, but not happening upon one immediately.

During our first few weeks at the new high school, my brother and I ate lunch together, grateful for someone, even a sibling, to save us from the fate of eating alone in the clamor of the cafeteria. When my brother found friends, I sat with them at lunch time, welcomed, but feeling like a lonely tag-along.

When a guy started teasing me in English class, I teased back.  Soon we were dating, quickly deep into a not-so-good relationship. There were warning signs from the start.   His endless partying.  His off-handed declaration that he was never having kids.  The way he treated me in front of his wrestling buddies.  Looking back, I also should have been concerned about my parent’s lack of enthusiasm for him.

I knew he was a little wild. But I loved riding on the back of his motorcycle down the ditch banks near our house, with the wind whipping through our hair.  The motorcycle scared my dad silly.  But I was sure I was in love, sure some day he would change his partying ways for love.

At Christmas time I spent a ridiculous amount of time picking the perfect gift for him.  He gave me a tiny stuffed Garfield pencil-clamp that he’d bought at a gas station on his way to my house.

I swallowed my disappointment.  Forgave. Tried to hold us together, past the point where he was ready to quit.  This was supposed to be the One, after all.  My true love.

Arguments.   Tears.  Misery.  Breaking up and coming back together.  His mother angrily declared me a bad influence. I knew otherwise: stories about his past to which his mother was oblivious. But I was too proud to rat him out.  Finally my parents stepped in and forbade us to see each other.  It was over.  

I was heartbroken.

What I didn’t know was that my real prince was waiting in the wings.  I hadn’t noticed him yet.   But he had seen me.

Sitting in the library, every day at lunchtime, he was noticing me.  Afraid to horn in on my bad relationship, he sat back. Waiting.  Watching. Wanting to know me better.

But when would I notice him?


  1. Wow. I just felt like I was reading a novel and now I’m hooked! And you left us at a cliff hanger!

    I did my “story of us” in April.

  2. I wrote a little snapshot about the weekend I first met my now-boyfriend. I wrote a long synposis on my other blog about how we met (online, sigh), but this one is a little more specific. I love your story, Mary – can’t wait to read more!


  3. What a great story! Yes, as young adults, sometimes we do ignore the impressions our parents had of those we dated…it was so important but overlooked! I love your blog!
    Your pantry is AMAZING!
    This is such a loaded question….where do you begin with adoption?
    -Sandy toes

  4. Ohhhh- I LOVE love stories… and you left us hanging!! No fair- can’t wait to see (read) what happens next!!

  5. I’m so enjoying both reading your love story and writing my own. It’s been really fun this morning to walk down memory lane with my husband. I’m really looking foward to doing this for the month of October


  6. So cute! Can’t wait to read the rest! 😀

  7. What a wonderful way you have with words. It truly does sound like the beginning of a book. Can’t wait to read more.

  8. Mary, i do love this story, but i wanted to comment on your adoption post from RIMD. I am so grateful for that post in many ways. First, being a product of adoption, always felt like others were pointing out how I was different from my family, instead of the same, even though I know most of them meant well. Secondly, sometimes, I guess because I was adopted myself, I get so hurt when I see so many people choosing adoption as a”last resort”. Like it’s not good enough to be a first choice, second or third sometimes. Now, don’t misunderstand. I don’t know what it is like to walk through the pain of infertility and I don’t discount what they go through at all… I just wish that others could embrace adoption in the same way that you have.
    My husband and I are praying through what the Lord has for us in this department, whether he wants us to pursue adoption or foster parenting. We are starting with becoming a caring home, since all of our children are soo small right now.
    Thanks so much for sharing…opening your home and your heart.

  9. I just adore a good love story! I can’t wait to hear the rest, although it is probably a good thing your goin on the installment plan. This way I won’t be up all night reading to find out how it ends!

    I don’t have a series story so much as a great date. You can read more about it here:


  10. awww…. too sweet, Mary!

  11. OK, that was too good. I can hardly wait for the next installment!

  12. Found you via your guest spot via Rocks…

    What a great site!!!

    We are also a forever family, so you have a soft spot in my world.

    Bless you!!

  13. This is terrific. Can’t wait to read the next installment.

  14. Can’t wait for the next installment! This is fun and valuable to our marriages, isn’t it?!!

    Here’s a link to mine:


  15. love it! what a fun segment! thanks for the idea.

    here’s my link:


  16. Can’t wait to read more! I’ve also loved reading your 30 days of nothing – you’ve challenged me in many way!!

    Here’s the start of my love story: http://graspthelove.wordpress.com/2008/10/02/not-your-ordinary-love-story/

  17. Wonderful beginning! Here is the beginning of mine..

  18. karin anderson says:

    Mary, you are truly blessed in your writting skills. love your blog.

  19. I’m enjoying the story! And I really enjoyed your thoughtful posts on 30 days of nothing.

  20. So fun! I love the great idea for October. It seems like lately all I hear about are failing marriages, discontentment in the love department, and infidelities. And I, for one, am kinda tired of it. So glad to be included in sharin’ the LOVE!

    Here’s the start of my own love story:

  21. This is sweet, sweet, sweet.

  22. What a great idea, Mary! I loved reading your installment; can’t wait for more!

    I’ll have my own up soon…


  23. so…when did you notice him….when?

  24. Hey, I think I dated that first guy, too. Must’ve been before he got the motorcycle though. When I dated him he had an MG midget. Can’t wait to read all about the RIGHT one. Yay!

  25. What a great idea! I’m joining in too.


  26. ooh. I love Love stories… but can some helpful folks direct me to their stories that didn’t originate in high school? That’s just too depressing for a 38 year old woman who just broke up with her boyfriend to handle.
    I need stories that start with pulling out your first grey hair and then go on to falling in love!


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