Day 27 and 28: Freezer finds

Friday night at 10 pm I had a minor crisis when I realized that I needed to pack a picnic lunch for 7 people from a not-too-full fridge. John was planning on taking 6 kids with him to the mountains for a load of firewood. They were planning on leaving early, and being gone all day. I didn’t want to go to the store. But I didn’t have lunch meat, peanut butter, or tuna. The cookie jar was empty. We had no pop.

What to do? I really didn’t want to go on a baking spree that late in the evening, but I didn’t know what else I could do.

I headed for the freezer none-too-hopefully. And came back victorious. One last loaf of bread. Some frozen chunks from a big ham. (I’d planned to use them in a soup but sliced thin they could be used for sandwiches.) And — jackpot — a couple dozen cookies I’d stuck in the freezer a week or two ago. Besides that, we had apples and popcorn. A perfectly respectable picnic meal and no cooking needed at bedtime after all. I was more pleased over that success than I possibly could have been with an expensive run to the store.

Saturday Meals

Breakfast: oatmeal and ice cream (I’ve been carefully hoarding the ice cream just so we wouldn’t be totally out of sweet stuff at the end of the month, and a little dollop makes a wonderful topping for oatmeal)
Lunch: picnic lunch (above) for the wood haulers, omelets for the people at home (some of whom slept rather late)
Dinner: White bean soup with ham, carrots and tomatoes, cornbread, slivered cabbage salad

Sunday Meals
Breakfast: cold cereal and milk
Lunch: Hamburgers at my sister’s house! (a nice last-minute treat)
Dinner: leftover Ethiopian food, potato chips, apples, and cookies

Another bonus this weekend: After church my sister came up to me with a smile on her face. Turns out she has a perfectly good clothes drying rack that she hasn’t used in years. It is now mine. One less thing on my ‘to-buy’ list for October. Hooray!


  1. That’s great about your drying rack! What an encouragement. 🙂

  2. How fun that you and your sis go to the same church.

  3. God is amazing! I think he has provided 30 days of SOMETHING for you all month. Awesome!

  4. I love the oatmeal and ice cream idea! I also love reading your blog. I linked on from Money Saving Mom. We have 9 kids and I like “relating” to someone with more than me.

  5. In June I decided to force myself to go 2 weeks without going to the grocery store. After 1 week we were completely out of all fruits and veggies. I panicked too! I went digging through my freezer and was able to find some forgotten treasures as well and was able to stick out the 2 weeks like I wanted. Way to make do with what you have.

  6. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now and you have really inspired me. For the first time since my husband and I have been married (6 years) we stopped at the bank and took out cash before going to the farmer’s market and grocery store this weekend. And though we allotted ourselves $140, we only spent $100! I can’t tell you the last time we spent that little on groceries (which makes me a little ashamed as you are stretching twice for a month to feed twelve… and there are only two of us, and that will last us a little less than two weeks).
    Also, at the Farmer’s market I bought a big box of apples and made applesauce last night (and have a bit more to make this evening after which I will post on my blog about it)… All thanks to you!

  7. I have been wanting a drying rack for the longest time because we have so little room in our basement for crazy laundry lines. Right now I’m using the dryer more, but I’m feeling OK about it because we haven’t turned the heat on yet here (and it’s gotten into the low 40’s this weekend–but we held out!). I tell the kids “More layers!”. It works.
    Love the freezer finds. We are getting ourselves an extra freezer this week and then I’m going on a baking-it-to-freeze-it binge.

  8. What a blessed day! A new clothes rack and a great picnic lunch. I found your site after you were already into the 30-days of nothing. You have really got me thinking. Before I found your site I was lamenting the fact that I didn’t have “anything to wear” almost every Sunday. Instead of going out to purchase new clothes, I organized my closet and drawers and washed all my nicer clothes that have just been sitting in there. Now I feel like I have so many “new” outfits and I didn’t spend a dime. Thankyou for your willingness to share your experience and be a blessing to others!

  9. Mary,
    I love your idea of 30 days of nothing. So much so my family is doing 31 Days of Nothing and LESS. We are not only limiting what we bring in and what we buy to nothing that is not a honest to goodness NEED that can not wait but we are also getting rid of the STUFF that has over taken us. It must go. So, thank you for starting this. I hope you know what an encouragement you are for many others.
    God Bless,
    PS….I am not as brave as you and limiting myself to $200 for the month though! LOL Though we will be thinking of each and every thing we buy! 🙂