Day 25: Jelly Party

Today I got a bunch more jelly made. I think I am almost done with the jelly, finally, so that is good. But before I even got the grape juice stains bleached out of the counter, I was silly and asked the kids to check the garden for tomatoes. They came in with 3/4 of a bushel. I guess I’ll be canning again tomorrow…sigh…. Sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself, but it is so nice to have all that food in the pantry to eat during the year.

Meals Today
Breakfast: Eggs and toast
Lunch: Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with fresh homemade jelly
Dinner: Teriyaki Beef with beets and green beans over rice

I have to say that the buy-everything urge has subsided in me. Thanks to all the jelly, I am out of sugar. AGAIN. It is pitiful how much sugar this family eats. (I must ask myself, should I do something about that? No, I do not have enough energy to revamp our entire diets.)

But other than our constant need for sugar, we are doing okay. I have somehow made three rolls of paper towels and one packet of napkins last all month. Our cloth napkins have been working well. 3 dozen seems to be enough to allow some rotation for washing, as long as most of the napkins are used for a couple meals. We set new ones out every breakfast, and non-messy people just set their napkins on their chairs for re-use for lunch and dinner. Then after dinner they all go into the wash. Of course, the three and six year olds go through two during one meal sometimes. But it’s working.

Am getting excited about our trip to the Dominican Republic in November. If you are interested in knowing more about it, you might be interested in checking out this video. I have some other interesting things to tell you about soon, so stay tuned.


  1. We have used cloth for a long time, love it.
    For messes and spills, I have a bucket under my dink of rags…. ones I can toss away if they are gross messes. for us this works.

  2. Canning=Sugar…at least for some things. So don’t think you’re eating SO MUCH sugar. Looks like things are going well. You’re almost done with the month!

  3. Your meals always intrigue me. Any way to get a pic of tonight’s supper? How do you make your beef Teriyaki?

  4. I keep some paper towels on hand for the messy stuff I don’t really want to put through the washer. And I keep some paper napkins for school lunches. My kindergartner is still on his first napkin, so maybe he’s wiping his face on his sleeve at school? heh.

    But I love cloth dishtowels and cloth napkins. It is not only cheaper, but feels a bit more elegant. As long as the kids aren’t being given white linen ones, all is well in the world. My mom used to buy a couple yards of fun cotton prints, in seasonal patterns, make up a pile of napkins (just hemming the four edges, easy-peasy) and change out the napkins with the season/holiday.

    You could even have the kids make napkin rings as part of arts&crafts time. 🙂 When the harvest is in, and you’re not endlessly preserving the garden, that is.

    As for the sugar, um, I can’t really say anything about that, as I must go through a couple of cups a week just in my coffee………

  5. Beef teryaki sounds yummy!

    I can’t wait to hear about the new things coming up 🙂

  6. For “littles” I like to use baby wash cloths. I give them each a damp wash cloth to wipe with at breakfast, rinse it and hang it up on the sink until lunch, and repeat at dinner. Less laundry and cleaner faces. 🙂

  7. Just wanted to say that I found this blog earlier this month and find it so inspiring. I’m not brave enough to can yet, but I did prepare and freeze beets that were gifted to me, and prepared a fridge full of green beans, tomatoes, and beet greens also given to me, so they’re ready to grab for upcoming snacks and dinners as I continue working on my own variation of 30 Days of Nothing:)