Confetti Pepperoni Soup

Yesterday lunch time kind of snuck up on me, and at 1 pm I was scrambling to think of something that could be pulled together quickly. The soup that I came up with surprised me with its goodness and brilliant color. For added fun, both the beets and the carrots came from our garden.

Confetti Pepperoni Soup

1 package shell or elbow macaroni (6 servings)
1 cup uncooked rice
6 cups water
2 T. olive oil
2 beef bouillon cubes (or you can use beef broth for half of the water)
1 minced onion
3 cloves garlic
1 cup sliced carrots
1 cup sliced beets
1 cup finely chopped beet tops
1/2 cup chopped pepperoni
salt to taste

Begin by putting 6 cups of hot water on to boil in a large pot. Immediately toss in rice, oil and bouillon cubes and give water a stir. Chop vegetables while water comes to a boil. First chop onion, then other veggies and pepperoni. When water has been boiling 5 minutes, add macaroni, garlic and onion. 5 minutes later, add carrot, beets, beet tops, and pepperoni. Cook for five more minutes. Taste, and add salt to taste. Serve with bread.


  1. Seriously. You are my hero! If I were in that same situation, my kids would have been eating macaroni with steamed carrots. I just can’t think creatively when it comes to food. Urgh.

    That looks delicious!

  2. Yum! That looks really good. You’re so creative at mealtime. I wish I had the guts to throw stuff together.

  3. I like to think that a side benefit of the challenge is all the wonderful, creative new recipes that have been invented.

    Oh, and the soup looks yummy!

  4. beautiful soup!!

  5. snakehillmom says:

    Do you cook the pasta and add it or cook the pasta in the soup? I’m thinking you must do the former….

  6. I just cooked the pasta in the soup

  7. yumm… that looks wonderful!

  8. Mary,
    I appreciate the spirit that I see in the blogs that I frequent. I don’t see mean spirited comments. I don’t see hate mail. I don’t read blog bashing.
    And this is NOT hate mail….. but I’ve just GOTTA say this: that bowl of soup …….looks………… uhm……… ………… yukky.
    Wait, wait….. it is actually BEAUTIFUL to look at. Wow. What intense colors. It looks warm and hearty. … like it should be served in a huge pottery mug with some crunchy, buttered homemade bread. It looks filling. Satisfying noodles, savory broth, tender veggies.
    BUT, to think of those particular veggies all combined into ONE dish with that meat and noodles to boot… well, it just doesn’t look like it would taste good.
    So! Now what do I have to do? Well, at our house, if you say something is yukky (or any form of the manner), you’ve gotta eat it. SO, now I have to make it and try it! I just thought I’d let you know.
    And believe it or not, I’m kind of excited about the adventure…. pepperoni and all! lol
    -|<@ren (karen)


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