Day 16: Must be the full moon

Some of you suggested that my kids’ ‘tudes yesterday must be due to the full moon. Here’s wishing that full moon would get outa my sky because today was another frazzling day. Sigh. But now it is bedtime and we have all survived– in fact, we’re even all smiling at each other, so all is well.

One thing good about staying home and doing school all day is that there isn’t much opportunity to spend money. I did price a new top for my flat-topped stove. I cracked a corner of it awhile back by dropping something from an upper cupboard, and have been wondering just how much it would take to make it pretty again. The quote I got was nearly $500. Yikes. Won’t be doing that this month.

At dusk I wandered in our little garden annex picking beets, zucchini, carrots, and green beans. The carrots are short, but adorable, and I probably got 4 cups of beans. A nice little haul for 10 minutes’ picking.

Meals Today
Breakfast: Eggs, juice and apple bread
Lunch: Peanut butter sandwiches and apples
Dinner: Chicken Corn Pot Pie, carrots, cukes, and cookies for dessert

I am working on modifying a wonderful but terribly time-consuming pot pie recipe that I have loved/hated for years. I only make it twice a year or so because it has so many steps. But it is beyond delicious. So I am hoping that some modifications might make it come together more quickly– preferably in 45 minutes or less, while still being just as yummy. We’ll see.

This afternoon my 13 year old daughter made chocolate chip cookies, and this evening I am canning more applesauce. I’ve think we’ve got the apples (the ones that won’t fit into the fridges) down to a couple bushels, so maybe by the end of the week I’ll be done with applesauce. It is probably also time to get out into the main garden again and grab some more tomatoes. It has been a few days since I last picked there. But the corn is done and the cukes are slowing down, and I am feeling like I may be actually finally winning over the produce.


  1. We had our first beets last week. Sooo yummy!

  2. Here’s our favorite chicken pot pie:

    The other similar favorite here is creamed chicken on whatever (whatever we have around: toast, rice, noodles, etc.)

  3. I love pot pie so when you get that time-consuming recipe revised, please share it.

  4. All of you bloggers that garden have almost made me want to have one next year. Actually, you and the gass and food prices, but what matters is that I might actually dig in the dirt come spring-time! My husband will probably faint.

  5. We don’t have a garden just 1 lemon tree, 2 mango trees, and a dozen free will bananas. I have a lemon harvest a little like you have an apple harvest. And the lemons are still coming. We’ve had lemon bread, lemon muffins, lemon bars, lemonaid, lemon chicken, and I’ve refilled a jar of lemon juice. My friends and neighbors have lemons and I just saw new buds on the tree last night.

  6. My kids get belligerent every time the moon gets full as well, and I get hormonal, which never helps…

  7. Have you even try carmel apple butter.I never like apple butter until a friend gave me the is yummy.Pamela