Days 13 and 14: Our folks are making this altogether too easy

If you’d been looking for me on Saturday, you’d have found me at…ahem… the mall. My wonderful mother-in-law always takes me on a semi-annual girls shopping trip, and since one of our favorite stores is going out of business in a couple weeks, she decreed this weekend to be the golden opportunity. Let the record show: I personally did not spend money. But her kindness meant I walked out of the store with several new items of clothing, and the rest of my family had new things too. God blesses our family through her, there is no doubt about it. We are so rich.

Saturday Meals
Breakfast: Pancakes
Lunch: Leftovers (not sure what they found– I was gone)
Dinner: Chicken Enchilada casserole from the freezer (hooray, since I was way too tired from all that shopping to cook!)

While I was gone, my husband and kids picked the rest of the apples off our apple trees. They got enough to entirely fill the little utility trailer that goes on the back of our riding lawn mower. Guessing fairly conservatively, I think we have about 7 more bushels of apples to process. Yikes. They made a dozen or so quarts of applesauce while I was gone, and then today the kids and I did 16 quarts more. I think we have about 60 quart of apples now. Plus our ‘extra’ garage fridge is almost entirely full of apples– probably another two bushels. Very nice.

We are entirely out of regular sugar. But we have lots of powdered and some brown, so we’ll be fine for a few days before we can get to the store again. Coffee is getting down, and I am sure there are other things I’m forgetting at the moment. But in general we are doing extremely well.

Sunday Meals
Breakfast: cold cereal, as always on Sunday mornings
Lunch: McDonald’s, hosted by my folks. (See, I told you my family is making this too easy!)
Dinner: Peanut chicken and rice. I greatly improved this recipe (which tastes delicious but looks meh) by adding a green pepper and a sweet red pepper and about 3 chopped tomatoes very near the end of the cooking time. The color and texture these fresh veggies gave was perfect. Kids who aren’t in love with veggies might prefer it as the original recipe shows, but thankfully my kids aren’t afraid of peppers.


  1. you are doing so great at this!! I wish I could be so disciplined!

  2. I’m going to add this peanut chicken to my menu this week! Sounds great!!!


  3. I have applesauce going in my canner right now. 6 quarts in, 4 waiting to go in. I am exhausted! I have enough apples to do this same amount again tomorrow. I picked a bushel with my son on Saturday. In early October we will go as family and pick another bushel or so. We have an apple tree of our own, but it doesn’t produce much and they are pretty yucky looking really. I am hoping to get 1 batch of apple jelly out of our own tree. I love what you are doing with the 30 days of nothing and I am going to be doing something similar for the month of October. I can’t wait to stop the cycle of always spending money on something and am already slowing it down on purpose. Thanks for the inspiration. Enjoy your applesauce!

  4. Hey, I am doing this 30 day challenge with you and ran into a problelm today. We ran out of Wal-Mart bags, which we use for trash bags!!!! The kids are very alarmed. I see it as a good sign. Keep it up. Your stories are inspiring. I even tried my hand at home canning for the first time this weekend and made delicious plum jam. Thanks

  5. I have a quick question for you. How do you keep your apples from being buggy? We bought our recent home and property after it was abandoned for 2 years. It has three large apple trees. A teen that used to live here when he was growing up, said that they were crab apple trees…Well my daughter and I tasted one that was not bug filled and they tasted SWEET! Two trees are red apples and one is green and they are stuffed FULL of apples. But being I have no clue if they are good or not, and can’t find a way up the tree to get to the tops. (they happen to be on the top of a hill and of course that is the side with the highest apples) I am only hoping that next year I can somehow keep the bugs down and pick apples! (we also found a peach tree growing wild on this land {8 acres} and might have to clutivate it, my guess someone put a pit down this hill and it took)