wait til October to read this post

…especially if you’re doing 30 Days of Nothing. But if you’re already seeking Christmas shopping input, here’s my take on the new Cabbage Patch dolls.


  1. Ment to thank you before, for bothering to answer my question.
    Love the Apple crisp, as there are now just two of us I used a very small cup to measure ingredents, ended up using half on some apples, and put the rest in plastic bag in fridge, where its been for about a week, ideal to make a sweet tonight in a hurry.

  2. Don’t you love how well some of us follow direction? It’s amazing. I can’t believe these dolls are still as popular as when I was a kid. My older daugther had one named Nicholas. When I went to name her sister, I asked her what middle name she wanted. She said Nicholas, of course. So we settled on Nicole. aaawww…

  3. I still have my cabbage patch doll from 1986! And he’s still in pretty good condition. haha

  4. The website says they are $39.99

  5. Dear Mary,

    I’ve been following your blog for a long time now, and I wanted to let you know that you’ve inspired me to set up my own. It’s called Goodness Gracious Abiding. It’s all about military life with a large family, our travels throught Europe and Morocco, Homeschooling, healthy cooking, home organization, crafty projects and the like. I know you are busy, but I sure would love it if you could stop by!! Thanks and God Bless,

  6. Oh…um…here’s the address:


  7. Dear Mary:

    I’ve been a long-time reader, and have always enjoyed your blog and perspectives on life. I stumbled upon the following website yesterday, and thought of you and your family. It’s a bit off-topic, and certainly not relevant to the 30 Days of Nothing, but… might one of the potential well-sites be near where any of your daughters are from in Ethiopia?


    If you click on the trailer on the above page, you can learn more about the September birthday project, and the drilling and building of community wells in Ethiopia this month. One can find the GPS coordinates on the page of each village (with video clips explaining the water problems of the area), with a link to google earth once you go into the September project site itself.

    Hope this is interesting for you and your family!