Will anyone so inclined please pray for Kelli at Living in Grace? She’s my friend who needs a kidney transplant. She just moved to Oregon, hasn’t even gotten unpacked, just had surgery, and now is having such health struggles…


  1. Of course. I’m sorry she’s having such a terrible time of it.

  2. She’s on the prayer list for this coming Sunday, I post it each Sunday. God Bless

  3. I have been praying for her for a very long time. My prayers will continue…

  4. yes…of course…

  5. Mary,
    I left Kelli a comment on her blog but I’m not sure if she is checking it. I know a great church in Bend. I believe some old family friends are still pastoring there. If there is way that I could connect with Kelli you can email me the info at I am 2 hours away from her. Wish I was closer.


  6. Mary, thanks for sharing about Kelly. I had never heard of her…what a lovely lady she is and what a difficult journey she is on right now! We;re about 4 hours from Bend, wish could just go vaccume her house or take soem bread or something… :-). I will for sure remember her in pray. Julee