Day 6: Baking binge

The grocery list on the side of the fridge is beginning to grow. The milk and the flour are getting low. We’re out of bread and vinegar and several other things that I don’t recall at the moment. I’m toying with the idea of going to the store tomorrow, but nothing is truly urgent. Yet.

After being out of bread for several days, today I went on a baking binge. I made two dozen apple muffins, all of which are gone. I made four loaves of regular bread, two of which are now gone. And I made 2 loaves of zucchini bread, one of which is almost gone. (After I read these last two sentences to my teenagers, they offered to eat the rest of that first loaf of zucchini bread. One piece remains.)

Along with baking, I canned 13 quarts of tomatoes. Unbraided two heads of hair and rebraided another. And to my great delight, my hubby added two more shelves in my little spice cupboard, which should make organization much easier. Or at least more likely.

Breakfast: Pancakes and apple juice
Lunch: Vegetable beef soup and apple muffins
Dinner: Fish, bread, cucumbers, and tomatoes

This evening the big kids have a friend over. They are playing Phase Ten and YouTubing various Disney songs to sing along with. Oh, and eating everything in sight. Still feeling pretty rich these days.


  1. Mmmm, looks delish!
    Do you use a breadmaker or bake bread the “old fashioned” way?
    I could go an apple muffin right now with my peppermint tea! 😉

  2. Wow – you sound quite accomplished!

  3. Oooh, I would love your apple muffin recipe – if it isn’t top secret, that is! A question – do you have a tip for slicing your home-baked bread? I love to do bake my own bread, and find it economical, but have trouble slicing the loaves thinly and evenly, so we don’t get as many slices from a loaf – which cancels out the economy! I have tried a plastic slice guide gadget, but they were such thick slices that it wasn’t much help in stretching the loaf to its full potential!

  4. I’m so impressed with you. I’ve been trying to do this along with you and it is not easy. You make it look much easier than I find it to be. Plus I don’t have a garden at all, so while I’m at the store feeling guilty, I keep telling myself, but Mary already has all the stuff I’m buying in her backyard! 🙂

  5. Mary, I think it is safe to assume that anytime you mention any type of recipe on your loyally followed blog that someone will want it. So, if your time so allows (ha! ha! he! ho! yah, I know) would you please include it in your posts? Pretty please? 😀

    Also, you mentioned the other day putting some tomatoes in your dehydrator for “color and texture” in pasta this winter. Can you give some tips on this and other uses for the dehydrator? My aunt has offered me her dehydrator for free so I’m tempted to take it, but don’t want it just taking up space in my space-limited house because it was free and I’m left clueless as to what to do with it. Thank You!

  6. Is there any chance you would share your apple muffin recipe ?
    You are doing so good. Much better then me anyway.

  7. I’m feeling pretty good about my grocery goal so far this month, although visiting family for 6 days is definitely cheating! See my weekly update at

    P.S. Your baked goods look absolutely delicious–no wonder they’re almost gone already!

  8. Mary, I, too, would love that apple muffin recipe! Please share!
    Sasha, I have found I get good results slicing homemade bread (even warm) with an electric knife – give it a try!

  9. Those apple muffins look delish. I’ll go ahead and say it again…please share.

    I’m not officially doing the ’30 days of nothing’ but I am trying to be sure that all my expenditures are thoughtful ones. Yesterday I had expenses — new tennis shoes for one of the girls, a trip to the WalMart and then on to the grocery store. The only good news to share was $45 in coupons I used at the grocery store; that should count for something, right?

  10. Golly, that is a bunch of baking! Last time I did so much, I gave it all away for the church Youth Group’s bake sale!
    It would be more fun the have kids right with me again, tho.

    To slice bread, I have a good serrated knife, which I keep lightly oiled between uses. Gets it so thin, there’s a bend in the middle.

  11. and the recipe for those beautiful apple muffins is…

  12. In addition to the recipes, I would love to see your spice cabinet! I am forever looking for a way to organize mine!

  13. I have 6 kids and no garden, but I’m joining in for the last 21 days of the challenge. Maybe I’ll continue into October to get the 30 days in!

  14. I noticed you sliced your bread already, does it not dry out faster that way??